You might be a Star Wars Geek if...

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You might be a Star Wars Geek if...

Postby Ari » Sat Mar 01, 2008 3:23 pm

When you pass out while trying to move a pencil across the desk with the Force.

When you get jealous of Luke because his lightsaber is double the size of yours

When you get into a fight, you automatically find yourself reaching for a lightsaber...

If you get your head stuck in a bucket pretending your Darth Vader.

When you spend time watching the Star Wars trilogy because you think there will be a test on it later.

You punch out trekkies who say "Death Star my ass, I'd like to see those losers take out DS9".

With a blue-tinted plastic tube, a flashlight, two hours of a Saturday night, and 4 rolls of blue electrical tape, you finally complete your own working "Light-saber"

Your room is filthy except for your "Star Wars Area."

You name your right hand 'Leia'

You think you are the life of the party because you imitate Yoda's voice and have him say things a Jedi master wouldn't say.

Whenever you get in trouble, you mutter "I have a bad feeling about this."

When you listen for Obi-Wan while attempting to parallel park.

When your father asks you how fast your car is, you reply,"Fast enough for you, old man."

When you need to go to the toilet, you say "Intensify Forward firepower, I don't want anything to get through"

Your girlfriend is called "Jabba the Slut."

You don't have any money to buy food or clothes but you have a kick-ass STAR WARS collection.

You swear you saw Obi-Wan in your Cheerios.

You get caught doing your Darth Vader impression in the bathroom. (What are you doing in there son? *heavy breathing*YOUR POWERS ARE WEAK OLD MAN!!!!)

When you wake up screaming, "Luke it's a trap!"

You know you're a Star Wars geek when you unsuccessfully get the last cheerio in the bowl and instinctively mutter, "The Force is strong in this one."

You start to see visions of Ben Kenobi telling you to go to bed.

You Find yourself Getting Beaten up for saying everyone's lines 2 seconds before they do in the theater.

When... Your first sentence was "I have a bad feeling about this."

When you find yourself quoting the opening lines of "A New Hope".....and don't stop until 125 minutes later.

You curse out people that go,"Yeah! I know who Obi-Wan Kenobi is! Isn't he that guy with the funky ears that goes,"Live Long and Prosper?"

You punch out people that say,"But I thought Han Solo flew the Enterprise?"

You can't resist to hum when you turn on a flashlight

You're a Star Wars geek when your teacher hands you your test back and says "commas are your weakness." You shoot back: "And your faith in your friends is yours!"

When someone talks about people getting abducted by little green men you say, "Yoda would never do such a thing!"

You actually feel the need to attack Star Wars geeks with a camera to prove that you are not of their kind.

When, you're drunker than you've ever been in your life and still know that the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is 3,720 to one.

You buy 2 copies of the trilogy just so you could have the full Darth Vader Helmet.

You've watched the trilogy more times than Mark Hammil.

When you heard of Titanic getting more money than Star Wars, you immediately reached for your home-made lightsaber and started a hunt for James Cameron.

You respond to your friends taunting of "HA! HA! Titanic beat Star Wars!" by clenching your teeth and grunting "We'll get 'em in the prequels"

You sabotage the Titanic theater to play Star Wars: A New Hope when the ship starts to sink.

You call in bomb threats every time Titanic starts playing and then start giggling uncontrollably when you watch the people running out.

You finally figure out that ANH rearranged is Han

You point out to people that given inflation Star Wars kicked Titanic's Ass by nearly 300 million.

When your boss forwards all of your checks to the local Star Wars supplier.

The first thing you think of when you hear the words "hot, wet and horny" is a sweating bantha.

You go to star wars conventions with the sole purpose of getting laid.

You wake up with a hangover blood on your hands and a ripped t-shirt that says trekkies forever

You have a tan line from your Darth Vader helmet.

At the airport, when the clerk asks you if anyone else has handled your bag you say,"No, it's just me, the boy, two droids...and no questions asked.

When your stuck doing danged 'yoga' classes because of a misprint on the advertisement

You know you're a Star Wars geek spend hours thinking up the new catchphrase "the prequels are gonna sink Titanic!

A friend gets a kick ass home audio/video center and you tell him, "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed."
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