You might be a Trekkie if...

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You might be a Trekkie if...

Postby Ari » Wed Feb 20, 2008 8:07 pm

You might be a Trekkie if...
you know Yeoman Rand's cabin number
you can name all 79 episodes of classic Trek--in order
you can name alphabetically all the women Kirk seduced
Mr. Spock beamed down into your back yard last night and talked to you
you named your first child Leonard William DeForest
you named your first child Tiberius
you breed Tribbles
you have a matter/anti-matter converter in your bathroom
you answer your cellular flip-phone "Kirk here"
Deanna Troi can 'feel' your pain
you spend $150.00 at a convention on a piece of plastic that may or may not look like
a phaser
you sing along with William Shatner's record album
you shave your head to look like Captain Picard
you want to have Worf's baby
you talk... like... William Shatner--on purpose
you have a copy of every Star Trek uniform shown on TV or in the movies
you spend the weekend decorating your friend's van to look like a shuttlecraft instead
of going on a date with the Homecoming Queen
you trim your angora cat's hair to make it look like a tribble
you scare your little brother by acting like a Gorn
you have a shrine to Gene Roddenberry in your spare room
your dream date is with Deanna Troi
you keep asking Scotty to 'beam you up'
he does...
you write love letters to Lursa and Bator
you can trace your genealogy back to Surak
you redecorate your living room to look like the bridge of the Enterprise
you make annual pilgrimages to the Paramount lot
you have seen Star Trek The Motion Picture over 100 times
you can quote all of the Articles of the Federation
you know every word of Star Trek IV by heart
your idea of a great evening is spouting Trek trivia for six hours with your friends
you quote the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition
you sing Klingon Opera while showering
you cannot use contractions in your speech
when you get sick you want Doctor Beverly to take care of you
you use stardates on all your correspondence
you name your cat 'Spot' and feed it feline formula #29
whenever you start your car you take your right index finger and point it ahead of
you saying "Engage"
you call your Psychic friends to talk to Mr. Spock
you hire a private detective because you KNOW Guinan is here somewhere
you know the difference between "Live long and prosper" and "Nanu, nanu"
you save up money to send your kids to Starfleet Academy
you stand in line for 13 hours to get Gene Roddenberry's autograph
you channel Gene Roddenberry
you ask your broken computer to run a self-diagnostic
you talk to your computer (Hello, computer!)
if it talks back...
you already know the name of every episode of season one of Star Trek: Voyager

If any of these apply to you.....You might be a Trekkie.
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Postby Ari » Wed Feb 20, 2008 8:12 pm

You have wedding invitations printed in Ferengi, Klingon, Vulcan and Romulan
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