Origins of Ghost

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Origins of Ghost

Postby Wambli » Wed Jan 13, 2016 8:59 pm

Origins: Ghost
As you know each mutant normally doesn't come into his or her own until puberty... some younger if it is radical. John Smith, classic name but not an average guy. He knew he could ghost for a long time. He calls it that. He can blend so completely into the background, most telepathic people can't even see him. You normally don't understand him. When he is ghosting there is no time. He also has the uncanny ability to relive pasts through a physical touching. So if he touches say the musket ball that was shot by Aaron Burr which killed Alexander Hamilton, he'd physically relive the death. Which is why he's normally covered from head to toe with clothing. Only one little snag, he's about 6'9" and seems to like, in Ghost form have a personal or residual self image using the Matrix lingo. He appears to be a large white male, who looks sort of close enough could be a twin to the 'PathFinder' of the movie where Vikings raided North American Indian tribes... if he touches say King Tut's death mask he's in Egypt. Which is one of the reasons it hard to define his age. He's also been known to pick up foreign languages with a single touch.

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