Discussion: Origins of Ghost by Wambli

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Discussion: Origins of Ghost by Wambli

Postby Silas Blue » Tue Feb 02, 2016 11:29 pm

Hey, Wambli.

You have a fascinating character theme/power.

The power to clairvoy the past via object reading could potentially ruin some storylines. (I emphasize 'potentially'.) Wolverine walked a long road trying to find out his forgotten past. With Ghost around, that whole saga could be resolved with a magic bullet snap of the fingers. Got someone you want to interrogate? Same thing. Got ancient runes needing decrypted? Done. Want to root out a spy? Shake hands with everyone. Want to identify a shape shifter? Same thing.

I'm not claiming that perceiving shadows of the past is a bad idea. Not at all.
You have a good superhero theme, there.
Just be aware of the literary consequences for wielding the magic bullet.

I dare not preach too loudly, lest I become the hypocrite. My Moonwraith has some remarkable advantages to her phase spider gift. Still, I don't believe she's at magic bullet level with it, though.

Do you plan on posting adventures in these forums?
Even if the original X-Men sim is defunct, more adventures could be birthed in this site's forum. Kind of lonely in there, right now. ;)

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