Looking Around (Spanik/Winters)

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Looking Around (Spanik/Winters)

Postby OshnGirl » Sun Dec 11, 2016 10:07 pm

Grayson looked around the city, holding Cassie’s hand as he took in the view. Everything had a bit of an organic feel to it, rounded edges, and seemed to have a reflective quality, almost like peering into your own soul. “This planet is..well, amazing,” he said to Cassie after a few minutes of walking down one of their sidewalks, out of the way of their transport vehicles.

“It’s certainly unique,” Cassie said as they walked. She was trying not to make a big deal out of how much her head hurt. “Lot of shiny stuff. What do you think about our hosts?”

“Seemed distant, but receptive I thought,” Grayson said with a smile. “Probably just feeling us out, like we are them. How do you feel?” he asked, remembering her head hurt.

“Fine,” she smiled weakly. She wanted to go find a place to lay down but that was not the way to spend a night on a not yet deadly planet. “With all of the exotic flora we ate, but not a lot of it visible here in the city, I wonder what their countryside is like.”

“It’s probably interesting. I think Dawson set orders for his department to scan the surface of the planet while we are in orbit. I’m sure a lot of useful info will come from that,” Grayson said to her. “And you’re sure you’re fine?” he asked.

She nodded, leaning her head against him as they walked. “Wonder what useful information we could find out here.. If anything.”

“At the very least, maybe a friendly planet nearer to our ultimate goal. We are out here searching for peaceful planets to maybe someday become allied with,” Grayson said with a shrug.

“I meant us personally on this walk,” Cassie chuckled softly. “Baby can you rub my neck for a minute?’ she asked looking up at him.

“Sure,” he said, and rubbed her neck with his hands, hitting the pressure points at the base of her skull. Grayson knew that would help the most with her head hurting, relieve some of the pressure. “How does that feel?” he asked.

Closing her eyes, Cassie winced a little as he pushed on her occipital bone. She let out a slow, long breath. “Better,” she smiled weakly. Turning around she slipped her arms around his neck and hugged him softly. “Thanks. Where should we go now?”

“Well, do you feel up to looking at anything?” he asked, studying Cassie for a moment to gauge how she felt.

“We're on a planet that hasn't tried to kill us, this a rare occurrence for Odyssey, we should take advantage before it changes its mind,” she chuckled with a soft smile.

“Okay, want to just walk around?” he asked, looking around them.

“Sure,” she nodded, laying her head on his shoulder. “You pick.”

“How about this way?” he asked her, and started walking with Cassie. The roads and sidewalks were very interesting, and lent a certain organic feel. Things seemed lower tech than their own, yet, at the same time, much more advanced. Grayson could not figure out why exactly though.

The colors felt off to Cassie. It was likely due to a combination of the atmosphere composition refracting light in a slightly different manner than she was accustomed to her and pounding occipital bone. She wondered if the two things might be connected. If so hopefully she would adjust to these conditions soon. “I can’t get a good feel for this place,” she said quietly. “It’s like a weird mixup of an old Bajoran village and a state of the art starship. Or maybe a Borg vessel even, at least the pictures from the books of what the inside of a Borg vessel looked like.”

“Huh, that’s an interesting way to put it, had never thought of that,” Grayson said to her, looking around. “I can see it though. Maybe it’s because they’ve been isolated for a while, never took on anything but their own art and style,” he contemplated. “But, you’re the art person, not me.”

“Every species has their own artistic styling, but you can find common threads,” Cassie said. “This place though, the angles are strange and the colors don't match… Based on our aesthetics at least.”

“Huh, perhaps they see in a slightly different color spectrum than we do,” Grayson offered. “Not uncommon, especially around more red type of stars like this planet orbits,” he said.

“That would make sense,” she replied.

“Just a thought, though,” he said to her as they walked along. The night sky was shining above them, and Grayson smiled a bit, as these stars were all far different than what you could see on earth. “Kind of amazing, isn’t it, when we’re standing on another planet looking into the night sky?”

Cassie leaned against him. “It’s nice.. But I don’t think anything can top staring at the stars and finding our own constellations on Pwani,” she smiled coyly.

“That’s for sure,” he said with a smile, and saw they were approaching their accommodations. “Looks like we’re almost to our beds,” Grayson said with a chuckle. “Guess my subconscious said we should go to bed.

“Probably not a bad idea,” she agreed a little relieved. Some sleep would hopefully help her head. “Do you think it's weird we stay down here instead of going home?”

Grayson thought about that for a moment, and shrugged after a thought. “I’m sure there’s a diplomatic reason behind the Captain’s decision. Show that we’re friendly and open to most anything.”

“I suppose… feels weird though, the ship is right there,” she chuckled pointing towards the sky.

“Not much different than our vacation,” he said with a smile. “We weren’t that far away,” Grayson said. “Think of this as another mini vacation breathing real air.”

She smiled. “Except it’s not vacation, it’s first contact so we have to be well behaved… can’t get into any trouble.”

“Not yet anyway,” he teased as they approached the small building that they were staying in. Each person had their own little hut almost, nearby each other but yet separated enough to feel private. “Here we are.”

“Think you’ll be able to sleep without the engine humming?” she teased, following him inside. The world seemed to shift as they entered the small living quarters. Outside had been full of movement and intersecting lines, while inside everything flowed continually around the perimeter. The design felt soft, the lighting lower, and the colors muted. The building had been round but she was surprised to see the interior retain the roundness. All of the furniture was strategically placed away from the walls, like stones would be arranged in a Japanese rock garden. She had no doubt the arrangement was thoughtfully planned but she could not see the reasoning behind it. The way the back wall circled, there were two obvious alcoves in the back of the room that she wondered what purpose they served.

“Wow, this is certainly nice and comfortable feeling,” Grayson said after a moment, taking it all in and looking around. “What do you think?”

“Much softer than it was outside,” Cassie said. “Makes my head feel a little better.” Looking at the large, white, round plush looking thing in the dead center of the room made her assume that was the bed. “They certainly know how to put out a welcome wagon.. Left us some nice.. Fruits? There on the table.. Hungry?” she said looking away from the collection of small colorful fruit selection on the table to their right back to him.

“Those look good, I could try one. How about you?” he asked.

“No,” she shook her head. “I’m fine, but go ahead.” She slipped the uniform jacket off and started undoing her braided hair.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, looking to Cassie.

“Head just bothering me, I’m not that hungry,” she smiled gently at him, running her fingers through her hair to try and fluff it out.

“Okay, just worried,” he said with a smile, taking a bite and looking to her. “You look great, you know.”

“Oh yea?” she grinned. “Dress uniforms do it for you huh?” she chuckled. Cassie moved over and sat down on the bed. She let out a surprised yelp when the bed pushed back and she almost fell off it. She had not been expecting the bed to be filled with liquid!

“Well, that’s interesting,” he said with a chuckle after she caught herself. “Interesting bed concept,” Grayson said, walking over and sitting down on it with her. “Almost like a ride.”

She grabbed his arm as he sat down trying to figure out how to compensate for the shifting weight on the liquid drop they seemed to be occupying. “Or a boat,” she laughed. “This will be interesting to sleep on, every movement is magnified.”

“That’s for sure, so the rule is don’t move,” Grayson said with a grin.

“I guess that means we really DO have to be on our best behavior,” she smiled teasingly.

“Nahhhh,” he said with a sly grin. “There’s no fun in that.”

“True,” she said coyly. She looked at him wiggling her eyebrows at him.

Grayson leaned over, and gave her a kiss. “Want to go for a ride?” he teased. Cassie giggled and nodded as she kissed him back.
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