Bringing Back the Game

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Bringing Back the Game

Postby FSF Pariah » Thu Feb 12, 2015 6:20 pm

Hey folks,

If you've ever been active in the game, I've probably emailed you already. If not, I apologize, but here are some concrete details:

I'm now GM of this game. I think it's got great potential, but it needs you guys - you know, players. That's why I'm posting here, even though it's hidden. I need you to tell me if you're still interested. I've gotten four interested parties so far, which is enough to start, but...well, more is better, right?

This is a brief outline for what I'm looking to do with the game:

1) A long-term, fully-realized story line. That's pretty much how I roll as a GM, and what I enjoy as a player. That means I have the bones of at least 12 months of stories ready to go.

2) Reboot it. I know you might love your characters, but they've been gone for a minute. Let's blank slate things, and bring it back to the start.

3) Create interactive, cooperative fiction. We're all story tellers here, and we should treat the game like that. I aim to pull this game above a really slow version of a live game, and really delve deep into what you can all do.

What I want from players:

1) Dedication. Can't commit to doing a post once a week? That's fine - you either don't have time to write, or don't like to write. If that's the case, don't feel like you're obligated to be here.

2) Creativity. I've read what you guys have written. Keep it up, you know? Play with the formula. Move beyond cliches. Make something cool. Shadow Squadron really needs to be the kind of game that grabs Sim of the Month every so often.

If that sounds good to you, let me know. Otherwise...well, that's that.
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