Rats in the walls (Or best suggestion)

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Rats in the walls (Or best suggestion)

Postby Brett K Reese » Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:15 pm

From Sgt Maj Kade Mitchell/Claudia Marceaux
C/O Brett Reese

As the station is being rebuilt there are several hundred construction workers on base living and working here. This is a security nightmare because we have to trust that Starfleet security has cleared the contract workers. There are three workers that are not on the level and Claudia has several visits from individuals that don't seem like her regular kind of customer. This does not go un-noticed by her neighbor the bar keep and former officer. The three workers slip into various areas of the station when they are supposed to be working on their construction assignment. Claudia's real job on the base comes into play as the situation unfolds yet her true identity remains hidden except to those with clearance to know.
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