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Salems lots

Postby FSF Myth » Sat Oct 03, 2015 9:18 pm

carry on from the sim started in the live chat

<FSF_MYTH> Attenion to your Screens!!!
<FSF_Esrom> they do say that sleep is overrated
<FSF_Esrom> ::AA::
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> ::AA::
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> ::AA::
<OpsLtCdrDougT> ::aa
<Lt_Kimara_VSA> esrom, you have to stay with me when i am sleep deprived, it's not pretty. ::AA::
<FSF_MYTH> I know hoe it feels not to sleep
<FSF_MYTH> Incomeing breif
<MSgt_KadeMitchell> aa
<FSF_MYTH> We interup the regular sim plot to delve into the mind of FSF Myth
<FSF_MYTH> Things might not be pretty in there
<FSF_MYTH> somethings Might even contain Sugar nuts and other things
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> (( A pretty mind is boring ))
<FSF_MYTH> Tonight on the sim the crew of starbase 35 awaken in a old town on earth
<FSF_MYTH> some where in the americas
<FSF_MYTH> they are all dressed in itchy wool clothing
<FSF_MYTH> and there is n o moden tech in sight
<FSF_MYTH> no phasers no combadges
<FSF_MYTH> no replicaters
<FSF_MYTH> and there are rats
<FSF_MYTH> Big rats
<FSF_MYTH> possibley spiders
<Lt_Kimara_VSA> whoopy this will be fun
<FSF_MYTH> @@ when done
<FSF_MYTH> RH for questions
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> ::shudders::@@
<FSF_Esrom> @@
<Lt_Kimara_VSA> dhhdejfhkjrd off with the spiders!!!
<FSF_Esrom> RH
<Lt_Kimara_VSA> @@
<FSF_MYTH> Esrom
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> @@
<FSF_Esrom> Are females wearing pants or long dresses?
<MSgt_KadeMitchell> @@
<OpsLtCdrDougT> @@'
<FSF_MYTH> Long itchy things dresses
<FSF_MYTH> well all but
<FSF_MYTH> Esrom
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> @@
<FSF_MYTH> Who for some reason has a nice slik dress
<FSF_MYTH> not itchy
<FSF_Esrom> :D
<LtJGChristinaWilliams> @@
<FSF_MYTH> if no more Questions
<FSF_MYTH> Begin Simmage !!
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> :: Davin shakes his head and sits up:: Oh man. Where are we?
<LtJGChristinaWilliams> Christina was wondering the same thing
<OpsLtCdrDougT> :: he looked around :: I am not sure
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> ::wakes up scratching and realizes she's not in her uniform anymore
<Lt_Kimara_VSA> ::wakes up and Scratches all over.:: OMG! I need to ditch this dress.
<FSF_MYTH> ::gabby:: looks around and panics as she feels a rat crawling across her arms ::
<FSF_MYTH> AhhhH!!!!!!!!!!
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> ::opens eyes and sits up and looks around at the unfamiliar scenery::
<FSF_Esrom> ::something tickles her nose and she openes her eyes to see a spider, Jumps up with a blood curdling scream::
<FSF_MYTH> Get it off me get it off me now !!! ::screaming ::
<OpsLtCdrDougT> all of our equipment seems to be missing
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> :: Gets on his feet and examines his clothes.:: Nice clothes I guess.
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> ((Any weapons or equipment? ))
<MSgt_KadeMitchell> What the hell?: wakes up in a barn in a pile of hay and a horse's nose in his face:
<FSF_Esrom> (None)
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> (( Money ))
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> (( ? ))
<FSF_MYTH> Action> Gabby and Esrom Slam right into one another as they run around
<FSF_Esrom> (Also No.. No money)
<MSgt_KadeMitchell> :gets up dusts off and exits looking for anyone familiar:
<FSF_Esrom> ::grunts in pain and falls on her butt and stares at Gabby::
<Lt_Kimara_VSA> ::Gets up and walks around. She's surrounded by scenary of lush green grass, the sun blasting on her face, but the dress was doing her head in::
<FSF_MYTH> ::smacks into a hard object almost knocks her self out as she hits the floor she really wises she had knocked her self out when the floor looks like it is moveing ::
<FSF_MYTH> ::screams at the top of her voice :: Get them oooff me ::tantruming like a two year old who wants candy and has been told no ::
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> :: Looks around at the town as he brushes himself off. Hears Gabriel screaming. Runs to her and brushes the rats off.:: You alright?
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> ::slowly stands up, finding her self in a very rustic looking town out of the history books:: Where the heck did I end up now?
<FSF_MYTH> I hate rats Spider!!! ::points at Esrom Spider !!! run
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> :: Helps Gabriel to her feet and looks at the Spider. :: Ho. That's a big one.
<FSF_MYTH> Kill it !!
<MSgt_KadeMitchell> :hears screaming and runs toward it:
<FSF_Esrom> ::jumps up and yelps and runs from the spider(s):: AAAARRRGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
<FSF_MYTH> ::takes off runing after Esrom :: Wait for me
<OpsLtCdrDougT> :follows to see what is going on
<FSF_MYTH> Action> one of the team has a Black pointed hat next to them and a coldrun as well as a broom stick. I think it's the half borg klingon betazoid one
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> :: Follows running behind Gabriel. :: Hey they're not that big!
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> ::Hears screams and goes to investigate::
<FSF_Esrom> SPIDERS!!!! KILL THEM !!!!
<FSF_MYTH> And the Rats
<Lt_Kimara_VSA> [If I was sure that nothing would change, I'd gladly just ditch this Golf.Oscar.Delta.Foxtrot.Oscar.Romeo.Sierra.Alpha.Kilo.Echo.November Dress and walk naked in the field.]
<FSF_MYTH> ::is out of breath as esrom can run faster than this old lady ::
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> ::rolls eyes as she sees the two screaming women and shouts at them both:: CALM DOWN!
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> :: Alters his course and goes to the Commodore:: You alright Commodore?
<FSF_Esrom> But...but.. ::points behind her:: Spiders!!!
<OpsLtCdrDougT> :: giggles loudly as I watch::
<MSgt_KadeMitchell> Really? All this noise over a spider? : looks at Drake and shakes his head:
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> ::Smiles at Davin:: I think so.. Just trying to figure out why I am dressed like a puritan in the ..1700's I think
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> :: Davin looks the commodore up and down trying to think of something to say in response:: It's a...very nice dress Commodore.
<LtJGChristinaWilliams> Christina is in a weird dress.... This is not good
<Lt_Kimara_VSA> ::touched a flower and it turned to ash::
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> Now, you two get a grip. Don't know why you can face down ugly mean aliens and yet freak out over Rats and Spiders. ::looks at Esrom and notices she has a nicer dress that everyone else:: You try wearing it!! Itches like the dickens!
<OpsLtCdrDougT> :: he shook his head and looked around
<MSgt_KadeMitchell> Lets look around for anything we can use as a weapon or tool
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> Ok lets settle down and get a head count as well.
<LtJGChristinaWilliams> ::Walks around looking like Mary Poppins::
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> :: Looks at Christina and goes over to her. :: Hey are you alright?
<MSgt_KadeMitchell> : scans the area for a building that looks promising:
<FSF_MYTH> Action> in the center of town theer is a large gathering of pitch fork wheeleding people with burning tourches :: (no tech or weapons from our time here )
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> (That would be wuth your eyes .. right Kade ;) )
<MSgt_KadeMitchell> (exactly)
<FSF_MYTH> (cool)
<MSgt_KadeMitchell> ((I did say looks promising))
<FSF_MYTH> (my bad to much nacho cheese)
<Lt_Kimara_VSA> ::she touched another flower and it also turns to ash. Kimara walked through the field and as she walked she changed her clothing into more comfortable clothes and meets up with the rest::
<MSgt_KadeMitchell> ((lol))
<LtJGChristinaWilliams> Just confused, why are we dressed like this
<FSF_Esrom> ::wonders why Zoe was looking her up and down. Notices the drab wollen clothes the others are wearing and then looks at her own.. silken outfit:: What the devil is going on here?
* Arekara (Mibbit@BCB7191C.20CE2946.34B1F51A.IP) has joined #starbase35
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> :: Nods and looks at the crowd in the center of town:: Pitchforks and torches? Really? Can we get anymore cliche? ::He asked dryly. ::
<MSgt_KadeMitchell> No telling. Whomever brought use here wants us to play their game
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> (Hello Arekara)
<LtJGChristinaWilliams> We feels like we are in the Salem Witch Trials
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> ::looks towards the townfolk:: Oh this is so not good..
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> I hope they aren't coming after us. Especially we are unarmed.
<FSF_Esrom> We need to fall back and secure a perimiter.. just not near the spiders
<FSF_MYTH> ::Twon Folk walking to wards Esrom :: Thank god she is safe Where have you been ?
<LtJGChristinaWilliams> I agree
<OpsLtCdrDougT> ::Zoe::doesnt this remind you of old earth
<FSF_Esrom> ::blinks:: I.. I went for a walk and got turned around
<Lt_Kimara_VSA> ::Kimara's clothing was more comfortable but you couldnt tell the difference. She was about to reach the others when she saw the mob with pitchforks and torches, and so she ran::
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> ::nods to Doug::
<LtJGChristinaWilliams> Davin, do they think that we are their fellow townsfolk
<FSF_MYTH> Town)>We thought the Witches had got you and made you into a stew
<FSF_Esrom> I didn't mean to cause a problem.
<Arekara> witches and stew
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> <w> I haven't the slight idea Chris. But it seems so. Lets play along for now.
<FSF_Esrom> Oh goodness, That would have been terrible.
<Lt_Kimara_VSA> ::her heart dark, she felt like an outcast. She didnt know love or it felt like she didnt::
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> :: Walks with Esrom and just observes trying to get a better hold of the situation. ::
<FSF_MYTH> TP> Quickly we need to get you to your Manor before they find you ::looks at the others;: Strangers you should not be here it is a bad time to vist this lot
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> ::listens to what is being said and moves over to Kimara:: <w> did you see anything while you were approaching?
<MSgt_KadeMitchell> :follows the others but keeps an eye on the angry crowd:
<FSF_Esrom> These are my friends, they have travelled a long way
<Arekara> ~ keeps back way from the populous knowing that her appearance might bring more problems
<FSF_Esrom> ::allows herself to ne led to 'her' manor:: Please, allow my friends to join us
<Lt_Kimara_VSA> (Zoe, I ran 10mins ago)
<Arekara> ~ uses the shadows as cover as she moves back away from the center of town ~
<FSF_MYTH> TP> then we must take t hem to the sancuary of your manor the children have all been praying for your return ::Leads Esrom and crew to a large manor well light up with a beautifull garden nd grounds it looks some what out of place here ::
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> (you ran into town right? And now I am asking if you saw anything useful)
<LtJGChristinaWilliams> :: looks around::
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> :: Walks with Esrom wrapping Christina's arm with his to keep her close. ::
<LtJGChristinaWilliams> ::Smiles::
<Lt_Kimara_VSA> (I did but saw the mob and ran. Wasn't really doing much looking for useful stuff)
<FSF_Esrom> ::blinks in amazement:: Please, thank the children for the prayers, they saw me safely home!
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> :: He whisper to Chris:: It's going to be ok.
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> ((Ohhh so you ran away and not towards your crewmates?)
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> (Sorry, I misred that then)
<Lt_Kimara_VSA> (there is a reason but not allowed to say)
<LtJGChristinaWilliams> :: whispers, they think that one of our crewmembers is the leader::
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> (understood :) )
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> :: He puts a finger to Chris's lips:: We'll talk later. Just stay with me.
<LtJGChristinaWilliams> ::ok::
<MSgt_KadeMitchell> Nice place. How do you two know each other?
<Arekara> ~ Once clear of the towns folk She took down her hood revealing her pail like skin red eyes and matching hair. ~ Rather not be confused for the bride of Dracula around these folk. now where is Kimara?
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> ::looks around for the missing crew as she follows the crowd to the manor::
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> :: Looks at Arekara:: Yeah I could understand that.
<FSF_MYTH> Action > the inside of the manor looks nice even if it has runes and alsorts of strange things on the walls
<Arekara> Oh no you don't witches they just hung vampyrs they staked, rammed a rock down there jaw and burned.
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> :: Looks at the runes:: I don't suppose anyone can read those?
<FSF_Esrom> ::Smiles and makes her way inside the manor, with her 'friends' and stops and looks around the room:: Everyone inside..
<Lt_Kimara_VSA> ::when safely away from the mob, Kimara uses her new found abilities and explores with them. Well it seems like she's had them forever. She can make things die or turn them to Ice or set fire to anything. She makes her dress more elegant in colours of black and green, with a trail to follow her.::
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> ::enters the manor house and looks around:: Did you decorate it yourself or have the Charmed ones do it for you?
<FSF_MYTH> Action 1.2> the priest look at Arekara and smile welcomeing her into the manor grounds saying you have returned as promised did you find inner peace ?
<MSgt_KadeMitchell> : follows Esrom and the others inside:
<FSF_MYTH> :::Giggles at Zoe's comments ;:
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> :: Looks at Windsor:: Charmed Ones boss?
<FSF_MYTH> ::looks at the picture of Esrom on the wall then at Esrom and the picture again :: I didn;t know you had Horns and wings
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> Oh I forget sometimes you don't know about these things.. Back when I was a child.. before I was transplanted to the future without the aid of a Delorean I used to watch a tv show called CHARMED
<Arekara> ... Inner Peace, Is some thing that all ways is wanted
<FSF_Esrom> ::Looks to where Gabby is looking:: Neither did I..
<FSF_MYTH> Priest> You have always been welcome here
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> :: Nods to Windsor:: Oh. *Wonders if the show is somewhere in the databanks back home*
<FSF_MYTH> I wanna see em in person
<Lt_Kimara_VSA> ::Kimara's life had not been easy. Her family abandoned her. No-one loved her...she was and no-thing would come near her. She hated by most people because they were scared of her. She desires so much.::
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> You do know what a TV is right?
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> It was the original Video screen!!
<FSF_MYTH> Pause simmage
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> ::AA::
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO> ::AA::
<FSF_Esrom> ::AA::
<Lt_Kimara_VSA> ::AA::
<Arekara> AA
<MSgt_KadeMitchell> a
<FSF_MYTH> sorry about this sim it is a throw back to a sim i used to host with FSF bailey and FSF esrom
<FSF_MYTH> called coven of the moon
<FSF_MYTH> it will only last two weeks
<MSgt_KadeMitchell> np
<FSF_MYTH> but it will be interactive on the forums and live chat
<FSF_MYTH> Please post and also enjoy your selfs
<Lt_Kimara_VSA> np.
<LtJGChristinaWilliams> aa
<FSF_MYTH> am going to see if fsf esrom has anything to add
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> Is it on the forums right now?
<FSF_MYTH> it will be in two or three minutes when i log in
<Lt_Kimara_VSA> it will be.
<FSF_MYTH> ersom anything to add?
<FSF_Esrom> Not at this time. But have fun with the role play.. something a little different.. the more you post the more we can get into trouble ;)
<Sgt_Davin_Drake> LOL ok
<FSF_MYTH> and if you like we can keep it in the forums to have fun with
<OpsLtCdrDougT> ::aa
<FSF_Esrom> And on that note.... Kimara would you do the honors this evening?
<Arekara> The Magicks of Megas-tu
<Lt_Kimara_VSA> By the Magic, in me you are DISMISSED!
* OpsLtCdrDougT ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<FSF_Esrom> Nicely done!!
<Lt_Kimara_VSA> now get out of here before I turn you into toads
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