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Login Problems

Postby FSF Titan » Tue Apr 10, 2007 3:44 pm

To anyone having login problems,

Please do NOT give your password to ANYONE (host or otherwise) to try and log into your accounts for you if you are having trouble logging in. This includes the forums, blogs, IRC and the AMS. This also includes YahooGroups and any IM services.

If you cannot log in yourself, and a host is unable to walk you through the process through IM/email, then seek out one of the appropriate people below.

Forums: FSF Hawg
Character Creation: FSF Lowell
AMS Login: AdmShuni
Blog Login: FSF Titan
IRC Login: FSF Josh or FSF Tommy

Additionally, any problems with logging in or website use can be reported here: http://forums.sb254.com/index.php?f=80

And finally, if you cannot log into the AMS, try to load this page first: http://www.sb254.com/include/remove_cookies.php

and then try to login again.

Thank you.
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