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Postby FSF Titan » Sat Mar 24, 2007 4:52 pm

Hello Members of the FSF,

My name is Joe Ferguson and I am the current FSF Website Director. As Website Director is is my job to see that the site stays operational and do general upkeep and maintenance on the Website, the AMS, and Email (FSF gmail users). I supervise the FSF Bug Management System, the FSF Toolbar, and gmail accounts.

Please use this forum to request assistance with a website or have questions about creating/updating a website including scripting languages. Also use this forum for general website questions about any FSF website or AMS questions.

You may also use this forum to check on the status of bug reports you have filed. FSF Gmail Users may ask questions about your gmail account or if you are having problems logging in let me know.

As always if you have any questions about anything... even if it might not be web related... ask here and we can find someone to answer your question or help find someone to take care of any issue or problem.

The website director position as described by the FSF Directorship Job Descriptions.

Website Director
    - handles the bug report tool, assigns and manages the bugs with dedicated team of programmers, content managers and information architects
    - manages the keywords, expands their use, promotes their use, and assigns them to pages
    - management of the membermap, including deleting points incorrectly placed on map
    - edits page content as required, such as 'simulation of the month' and other such things
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