House Buying (Spears)

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House Buying (Spears)

Postby FSF Margo » Wed Oct 12, 2016 9:52 pm

“Okay...” Kim said as she dropped onto the couch next to Kevin, a stack of papers in one hand of houses they had looked at with their realtor over the past few days and a mug of herbal tea in the other. “Want to go over our options we’ve liked and see if we can choose the house we want to make home?” She asked with a grin as she handed over the papers and set her mug down on the end table. They had spent the last few weeks doing their own research online and figuring out their budget for a house before they got a realtor to help then tour their list. Now they needed to narrow the list down and choose one to make an offer.

“Sure, “ he nodded. “What are you thinking Sugar?” he asked.

“I’m not sure.” She answered honestly, resting her head against Kevin’s shoulder as she pointed at the top house. “I have a few that stand out to me, but they both have drawbacks. I haven’t found the perfect one. What are you thinking?”

“I liked several of them,” he replied. “This one,” he pulled a page up. “Was one of my
favorites because of the balcony view. But this one,” he said pointing at her other option. “Had more bedrooms which we could fill with babies.. Or my family,” he laughed.

“I do love that view, a lot.” She agreed with a nod. “And I did like that one too with the more bedrooms. Would be easier when your family is here visiting or for more little ones to have their own rooms.” She winked. “ And it’s got a bigger backyard than the one with the view. But the one with the view has more square footage, so more space when your family is here so we’re not cramped. Plus the rooms are bigger.”

“Lots to think about… what do you think is better? Big backyard and extra room? Or gorgeous view but fewer yet bigger rooms?” he asked.

Kim sighed and shook her head as she shrugged. “The whole reason we’re buying a house is for more space and a yard. Both offer that, but I would be happier if we could switch yard and number of rooms and the square footage and view. Then have the perfect house.” She chuckled. “All of the rooms are just bigger in the view house. Kitchen, bedrooms, living room. I kind of like the spaciousness of that house...but I dunno. What do you think?”

“I’m not sure Kim,” he shook his head. “I like the spaciousness. I like the view. We can always cram relatives into single bedrooms or on the floor of the den. And it’s not like we’ll be there forever, right?”

“Right.” She nodded. “It's not forever. Just for right now. Both are an improvement over this tiny, cramped place.” She grew silent as she pondered both options. It was a big decision and a lot of money to put down. Not something she wanted to do again sooner rather than later because they weren't happy. “So are we ready to vote?” She asked, feeling suddenly nervous.

“Not much of a vote here Sugar.. If we’re tied what do we do?” he chuckled.

“Rock, paper, scissors.” Kim laughed. “But it is just as much your house as mine and we should have equal say in what we want.”

“Well what’s your vote?” he asked.

“Making me go first?” Kim asked with a smirk as she looked up at him. “I think I’m leaning toward the one with a view. Bigger rooms, better layout, and that view....”

“I agree,” he nodded. “By the time we’d need the space for a playground in our backyard we’ll be ready to look for something.. or somewhere, new.”

Kim nodded, glad they agreed. “Should we call our realtor then? Get the ball rolling?”

“Yeah, we should. I’ll call over and get our offer put in as soon as possible,” Kevin smiled. “Sounds good?”

“Mmm hmm.” She nodded as she shifted so she could climb into his lap as she gave him a passionate kiss. “Hurry so we can celebrate putting in an offer....then hopefully celebrate again when it’s accepted.”

“Mmmm,” he kissed her, letting his fingers rub her hips. “Do we have to wait?” he grinned playfully.

“Yes, because if we miss the window on that house I will be sad. It’s not going to last long and every second counts.” She said with a teasing grin. “You can call from right here and I won’t even move...although I can’t promise not distracting you with kisses down your neck.”

“Except for the fact that my phone is in the bedroom,” he smiled.

“Oh! Even from there.” Kim wiggled her eyebrows.

“Requires moving,” he said pulling her closer to him on his lap.

“You’re strong. Carry me.” She laughed before trailing kisses up his neck and cheek before finally making it to his lips, slipping her arms around his shoulders.

Kissing Kim deeply, Kevin hoisted them up off the sofa and made the way to the bedroom. He laid her down onto the bed. “Stay,” he winked, moving over to the nightstand to get his phone from the charger. Pulling up the realtors number, he waited for the phone to either be answered, or go to voicemail.

Kim stuck her tongue out at Kevin, pretending to protest his playful order as she rolled over to get comfortable and listen in on the conversation and plot ways to distract him.

“Caldwell Realty, this is Brian speaking.” Answered the crisp voice that had a practiced and polished cadence to it.

“Hi Brian, Kevin Spears here. We'd like to put an offer on the Winterhall Point house, how does 355 starting offer sound?”

“Hey, Kevin. Hold on, lemme pull up the house here on my computer.” Brian said, the clicking of keyboard keys echoing through the phone. “Oh, this is that one with the gorgeous view isn’t it! That was probably one of my favorite properties we toured as well.” He continued as the property came up. “I think 355 is a good starting offer. Fair. Do you want to include some monies, like around 8 thousand to closing cost and inspections?”

“Probably a wise decision,” Kevin replied. He reached over and let his hand slide along Kim's thigh.

Kim's eyebrows rose as an impish grin spread across her lips. Running her hand up his arm to his bicep, she pulled herself up to a sitting position as she pulled him closer so she could place a light trail of kisses along his collarbone before heading up the side of his neck towards his free ear, trying to distract him, but only slightly.

“Alright, I have that noted in the offer. I’d also suggest asking for a survey of property boundaries, either a decently recent one that is at the city or having them hire a survey company to do a property boundary designation. I find that helps in the future in case there are any property disputes with neighbors and so you know exactly what you’re buying. Want me to include that as well?”

“Uh huh.. Sounds good,” Kevin nodded, trying to focus on what the other man was even saying as Kim’s lips moved along his skin. “Like to get all the inspections scheduled as soon as possible if they accept the offer.”

“Yep. They typically schedule that within about ten days of the accepted offer. I’ll have a form that I’ll e-mail you and your wife in reference to what needs to be taken care of and what the general timeline is looking like if they accept.” Brian said casually. “I’ll get all this put together and sent over to you both to electronically sign the offer then send it off to the seller’s realtor. Give me about thirty or so, I’ll take care of it before I head out for an afternoon meeting. Sound good?”

“Sounds good Brian. I’ll watch for your email,” Kevin replied, sliding his hand under her shirt to unclasp her bra.

“Alright, I'll be in touch soon. Good luck.” Brian said before hanging up on his end.

“How long do we have?” Kim asked, ending her barrage of light, teasing kisses to tug at the bottom hem of his shirt to remove it as soon as the call ended.

“He’ll be emailing stuff.. We can always delay our response,” he grinned, tossing the phone to the side and pushing her down onto the mattress.

“Good...” Kim grinned as her hands deftly moved to continue their task of undressing him.


“I think waiting is probably the worst part of this whole thing.” Kim said as she wiped off her hands with the kitchen towel after having washed up breakfast dishes. They had put in their offer on the house yesterday afternoon and the sellers had twenty four hours to accept their offer or counter. It was now creeping up on hour nineteen, although it was only a little past ten in the morning. “Anything from Brian?” She asked as she picked up her own phone, double checking that she hadn’t somehow missed a call, even though her ringer was on full volume and she’d already triple checked.

“Not yet,” Kevin shook his head. “Settle down, he’ll call,” he chuckled. “Do I need to distract you again?” he asked, pulling the hair away from her neck and kissing gently.

“Mmmm... I always love your distraction.” She grinned as she tilted her head slightly to give him better access to her neck, her eyes closing as she got lost in the sensation of his lips on her skin.

Kevin slipped his arms around her waist, rubbing her stomach as he kissed along her neck.

Sighing at his touch and kisses, Kim was just about to reach up and pull his face to hers so she could kiss his lips when she heard a phone start ringing, his distraction making her not recognize who’s ringtone it was at first. “Your phone!” She exclaimed as she pushed him by his shoulders away from her slightly. “Hurry and answer it!”

Kevin pulled the phone out of his pocket. “Hello,” he answered and placed it to his ear.

“Hey Kevin, it’s Brian. I have some news for you guys.” He said, a smile coming through on the phone through his voice. “After sleeping on it, the sellers have decided to accept your offer! Congratulation to you both.”

“That’s great news! How soon can we get the inspections set up?” Kevin asked, giving Kim a nod and thumbs up.

Kim clapped her hands together with glee and barely managed to hold in an excited squeal of joy as Kevin worked out everything on the phone, her excitement barely containable.

“Should be within the next week.” Brian answered. “You’ll also want to contact your mortgage company and start working with them to get a certificate. We’ll be moving forward as quick as possible to meet the thirty day deadline to close, but I’m not seeing any issues at this point. I’ll send you an e-mail with everything outlined that you need to send to your mortgage company and a list of inspectors that I would recommend to use for the inspection. Any other questions for me?”

“Nope Brian, we’re all good here. Going to go snag some boxes,” Kevin chuckled.

“Sounds like a good plan. Congrats again guys. I’ll be in touch soon.” He said before hanging up.

“They accepted the offer!” Kevin grinned at Kim, pulling her into a tight hug. “Shall we start packing?”

“We got it!” Kim exclaimed happily, hugging him back just as tightly. “We should start a lot of stuff.....we have so much to do....but we have our house!! Our house!!!”

“What would you like to do first Sugar?” he grinned resting his forehead against hers.

“Kiss you for eternity...and then go get boxes...although doing a quick inventory of our stuff......mostly my stuff...might be in order before we get too many boxes. I’m used to moving companies doing all this stuff.” She answered in a rambling sentence, too excited to pay attention to what she was saying.

“Well you have to decide between kissing for eternity and packing cause they can’t be done at the same time,” he teased.

“Is that a challenge?” Kim teased back with a grin. “Cause I will pack boxes while lip locked with you. I’ll figure a way to make it happen.”

He laughed. “Yes.. yes it is,” he grinned smugly.

“Oh yeah?” She laughed before she tilted her head up to kiss him. “The hard part is driving.” She mumbled against his lips with a laugh.

“Good luck with that,” he tickled her side.

“Ack!” She yelped in surprise, breaking her kiss before she playfully swatted his hands. “Fine! Eternity kiss can be after packing.” She laughed.

“Why… we have 30 days before we can move in,” he pulled her in and kissed her again.

“Mmm...good point. We should probably give the lease office our 30 day notice we’re moving though before we do anything else though.” She said, actual tasks starting to pop into her brain.

“We have time,” he kissed her. “Let’s celebrate!”

Kim grinned as she kissed him back deeply. “Let’s celebrate!”
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