Setting the Stage

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Setting the Stage

Postby Wambli » Fri Jan 29, 2016 3:47 am

OOC: I am AoA, also called Adrian. My character's name is Hawk Wambli. About 6'7" weighs in a just over 200 kilograms.
He is someone most decide to get out of his way. He looks like all he has been doing for clearly most of his life, is lifting weights. He has recently joined the ranks of the Jaffa, and his deity mark in silver resembles this:

When he sits down to be interviewed he answers most of the questions quickly and properly. "Sir can I ask for permission to ask something?"
"You don't need to..."
"I am not the MUCO or the MUXO..."
"Very well..."
"Catherine's fiancé was stranded on the world for 60 years. Could we send a ship, because the gate won't open. I know I need training in different weapons, sir. And it would an excellent place to use for a fall back site...

I can do the impossible today, a miracle takes a Star Base.
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