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Postby Ramsay » Tue Jan 13, 2009 4:04 pm

'What do you think?'

"Hmmmm.... Did I leave the Iron On?" Carson Said with a Smile "This is unexpected... Look Boss Your going too do what ever you feel like and I am right with you. So Lets say I say Go after all life's too Short not too take risks. best case, there are a lot of pretty young maidens in need of our company... Worst case A Very Very Painful Death... but There are questions in need of answering and through that door seems likely more answers then we get sitting with our thumbs up our asses admiring this joint. So I say we cross the Bridge and Deal with whatever on the other side besides you said we are explorers so like those ones of old throw Caution too the wind and well Alice Lets look though this here looking glass."
Carson looked too the Door way. Carson Took a sip from his hydration pack's straw and then a step foreword. too the door adjusted the carbines sling too lay flat vertically across his chess. He entered the door way and moved ahead.

OOC: having a few more Heat sources would be liked.
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