Mission log 2016 January

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Mission log 2016 January

Postby Ramsay » Sat Jan 23, 2016 10:16 pm

<FSF_Esrom>: =/\=ATTENTION=/\=
<FSF_Esrom>: =/\=ATTENTION=/\=
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO>: ::AA::
<Cmdr_Olivia_Heart>: ::AA::
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: ::AA::
<LtCdrDougTOps>: ::AA::
*** Graboid is now known as Arekara
<Arekara>: AA
<FSF_Esrom>: Welcome back everyone, I hope wherever you are you are safe and cozy and not buried under this mt of snow like I am
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: Nah just doused in rain water here. LOL
<LtChristinaWilliams>: aa
<Cmdr_Olivia_Heart>: Which turns into slush and ice.
<FSF_Esrom>: I am not sure if Ms Myth will be joinging us this evening or not.
<FSF_Esrom>: So .. stand by for the Brief.
<Arekara>: Myth said something about Graboid Tour... There was a scream then a loud belch
<FSF_Esrom>: Starbase #35 was destroyed (again) and the crew et al were evacuated to a refurbished vessel returned to service from the mothball fleet. With Adm Esrom as the Commanding officer, Zoe is feeling a little in-the-way. The ship has sent out a distress signal for assistance. and is currently trying to get the USS Exeter, prepped for action.
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO>: (thinks she was diving into a bucket of KFC)
<FSF_Esrom>: We will begin with the crew finding the lab and getting settled into their places on the ship.
<FSF_Esrom>: Any questions or Comments?
<FSF_Esrom>: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
<Cmdr_Olivia_Heart>: :: She is in sickbay, making sure that sickbay is ready.::
<FSF_Esrom>: :n the Bridge watching the crew do that thing they do so well::
<LtChristinaWilliams>: :: is in Communication looking over reports::
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: :: Sits in his temporarily assigned bunk and inventories his gear.
<Arekara>: :: Enters Stellar Cartography and takes the main terminal. ::
<LtCdrDougTOps>: :: on the Bridge sitting in the first officers seat wondering , why the station was attacked he was , working a double shift making sure all departments were ready.::
<FSF_Esrom>: Doug, I know this is a little sudden, but I'll need you to make sure everyone has quarters.
<LtCdrDougTOps>: ::Looks at , Esrom :: Yes Admiral I will get a security detail on it , I am sure a little kaos down there at the moment
<FSF_Esrom>: Zoe will have the Captain's Quarters. You can put me down in Guest quarters.
<LtChristinaWilliams>: I don't bunking with Davin
<LtChristinaWilliams>: *mind
<FSF_Esrom>: :mirks:: I'm sure you don't. But we will see how it goes.
<Arekara>: ~ pulls up a map of the Galaxy and then uses the Terminal to access the Superliminal traffic monitoring system. ~ He wanted us to assume Cardassia... He wants us to bring a warship to Cardassia... Why do such a blatant invitation? And the way he did it... Not his style to much drama
<LtCdrDougTOps>: :: Nodds : Yes Ma'am :: starts the prereation for the stations crew , to get them into new quarts:: Esrom:; Not at , all I am actually kinda ofenjoing the role even tho we are at a crirsis situation. This is the position I have always dreamed of
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO>: :tanding towards the rear of the bridge, looking at any data she could recover from the station, hears her name mentioned:: Admiral, you are in command, you would automatically be given the Commanding Officers Quarters. And, to report there's doesn't seem to be a lot of data on the attack
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: :: Cleans and checks his phaser rifle with his phaser sidearm sitting right beside him in case he needs to use it::
FSF_Esrom shakes head. "No thanks. I'll be requiring little space. Guest quarters are just fine.
<Arekara>: ~ pulls up the Warp signature of the Cardassian ship. Indicating a straight line to cardassia ~ To easy...
FSF_Esrom leans over to Doug. And make sure that all marine personnel are billeted together. They need to be able to respond as one.
<LtCdrDougTOps>: :: Esrom :: Yes ma'am I will make a stop for them on the lower decks
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: :: Pissed as all hell at the Cardassians ::
<Arekara>: :: She enters a series of command changing the map as secondary sensor data is pulled up from passing ships and probes the map alters ~ Wait His course That's impossible.
<LtChristinaWilliams>: ::Sits at the Communications station""
<Arekara>: Arekara to Williams I need a long range Coms link to the Memory Beta network.
<Cmdr_Olivia_Heart>: :: She checks to see who are on the injured list.::
<LtChristinaWilliams>: Christina> Yes Arekara
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: :: Rechecks the phase emitters on his rifle::\
<LtCdrDougTOps>: :: He continued to work hard , to make sure that the crews were getting quarts sent a message down to sec and to the marine detachment +Drake+ Bridge to to Sargent Drake do you copy.?
<Arekara>: ~ Accessing the Civilian data network she runs a Search on a Pulsar ~
<LtChristinaWilliams>: :: transfers the long range coms to the memory banks
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO>: ::can feel the sensation of something warm slowly sliding down the side of her head, right where it really hurts, and tries to igore it and keep working keeping her wound out of the line of site of the others on the bridge::
<Arekara>: There it is...
<LtCdrDougTOps>: + sec+ Bridge to security
<Arekara>: ~ pulls up a data file and then correlates it to what she is seeing. ~ Chief here.
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: :: Re assembles his phaser rifle and sets it aside and goes to work on his phaser::
<LtChristinaWilliams>: Christina saw the Commodore working through and saw her injury. "Uh Commodore..."
<LtCdrDougTOps>: +security+ I have the new , crew quarts assignments ready could you please inform the crews that don't have qurters assigned to them thats were they will be staying
<Arekara>: I'll get one of my people on it soonest.
<FSF_Esrom>: ::walks towards Helm:: Lets move to that Lab of Gabby's and see what goodies are there.
<LtCdrDougTOps>: +Sec+ sounds great I will transfer a copy of it to you :looks at Christina:: Lieutenant, could you please transfer my crew quarters manifest to the security cheif please.
<LtChristinaWilliams>: +Medical+ Williams to Heart
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO>: ::Looks over at Williams:: Is there a problem?
<LtChristinaWilliams>: Christina> Yes Lt Commander and transfer the crew manifest to Security
<LtChristinaWilliams>: "Not to be a pest but are you alright?"
<Arekara>: ~ Down Loads Dougs Data on to a padd. She also down loads the data she was working on to a second padd. ~ Doug Just a thought If We want to leave Gabby here to work perhaps we can leave some crew to help her. The Lab has plenty of housing in the galleries .
<LtCdrDougTOps>: Esrom:: Admiral the crew , situation is being handeld and the marines have there own quarters
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO>: ::raises eyebrows:: I'm fine. We have a lot of work to do, I don't have time not to be ok. :miles, trying to assuage Williams for the moment::
<LtChristinaWilliams>: Christina smiles back knowing that she is lying to her
<Cmdr_Olivia_Heart>: :: She helps out a crewmember with a slight problem with his collarbone.::
<Arekara>: ~ locates one of her security officers and hand off the crew delegation ~
<Arekara>: ~ heads for a turbolift. on her way to the bridge.~
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: :: Finishes his weapon maintenance and secures his rifle before heading out.:::
<LtCdrDougTOps>: :: Starts reviewing all data reguarding the cardassians and recent ship deployments
<FSF_Esrom>: =/\=ACTION=/\= The Exeter arrives at the hidden Lab.
<LtCdrDougTOps>: ::: Looks at the viewer:: whoa what , is that
<FSF_Esrom>: Our temporary Base!
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: :: Enters the Bridge and looks at the viewer:: Well now. What is this?
<LtChristinaWilliams>: +Medical+ Williams to Heart
<Cmdr_Olivia_Heart>: +Williams+ Heart here.
<LtCdrDougTOps>: ::Esrom:: Shall I call a meeting for the senior staff
<Arekara>: :: Arives on the bridge. instead of taking the tactical station she takes the science station :: The outer shell is simple rock half a klick deep the inner structure is a ctrystiline mass like a Giant geo 8 Kilometers across, The base is bored from the crystal..
<FSF_Esrom>: I am sure it isn't large enough to accomodate all of us so only a few key personnel will go there and see what we can use. ::looks over as Drake enters:: That, Marine, is your next objective, Arekara, it's your creation. Take a few people and .. well we need some things.. see what you have for us.
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: :: Looks at Esrom and nods:: Sweep and Secure mission?
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO>: :Turns to look out the viewer. Side of her head still seems to be bleeding::
<FSF_Esrom>: Affirmative. Then assist Arekara, with her task.
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: ::Notices that Windsor is bleeding:: Excuse me! :: He says in a raised voice:: Why is our commanding officer bleeding all over the place and not receiving priority medical attention?!!!!
<FSF_Esrom>: ((Last words people))
<Arekara>: Rodger. ~ pulls up transporter coordinates.~ We'll beam to the main gallery.
<Cmdr_Olivia_Heart>: :: She taps on her badge again.:: +T+ Williams, everything okay?
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO>: I'm not the commanding officer.. Esrom is. And I am really not hurt that bad, honestly/
<Arekara>: Dr. Heart the XO needs attention.
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: :: Rolls his eyes and when he hears Arekara summon the doctor he goes to get ready for the mission ahead. ::
<Cmdr_Olivia_Heart>: +T+ I'm on my way.
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO>: I'm fine! :ighs::
<Cmdr_Olivia_Heart>: :: She quickly grabs the med kit as she heads out of the sickbay.::
<Vardis_Kree>: ::looks back at Zoe:: And you should know better!
<LtCdrDougTOps>: :Look at the back of the bridge to see what the fuss is
*** Vardis_Kree is now known as FSF_Esrom
<Arekara>: Admiral I took the liberty of checking on Dukat's course. and I am not convinced he's off to Cardassia.
<Vardis_Kree>: =/\=PAUSE=/\=
<Arekara>: AA.
<CDORZoeWindsor|BaseCO>: ::AA::
<LtCdrDougTOps>: ::AA::
<Cmdr_Olivia_Heart>: ::AA::
<Vardis_Kree>: Sorry about that Folks. storm is not playing nice
<Arekara>: well tell Professor X to give her a talking to
<Vardis_Kree>: Next week we will start with a small team of Arekara's choosing going over to the Geode
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: ::AA::
<Vardis_Kree>: TBS will be about 5 to ten minutes.. no more
<Vardis_Kree>: You gys did great and if anyone has a complete log that doesn't cut out like mine I would appreciate a copy
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Re: Mission log 2016 January

Postby Ramsay » Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:07 pm

<FSF_MYTH>: The uss Exeter has picked up the crew and they can now see they have a new toy. To play with. This insignia class ship has remove able modules that can be fitted in many ways.
<FSF_MYTH>: The crew have been alerted to Arekaras hidden base built in cause gabble blew the other up
<FSF_MYTH>: We enter today with a view screen of the ship flying into,an asteroid fled and it seams to be on a cease course with the big one
<FSF_MYTH>: Gibbs has the con and old gabby is some where on bridge
<FSF_MYTH>: @@ done rh questions
<LtChristinaWilliams>: rh
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: @@
<FSF_MYTH>: Christina
<LtChristinaWilliams>: Where am I?
<FSF_MYTH>: On the bridge at your com station
<LtChristinaWilliams>: ok @@
<SgtMaj_KadeMitchell>: @@
<Captain_AnthonyGibbs>: ((sorry))
<FSF_MYTH>: Begin simmage
<Cmdr_Olivia_Heart>: @@
<Claudia_Marceaux>: @@
<Arekara>: @@
<Captain_AnthonyGibbs>: @@
<Cmdr_Olivia_Heart>: :: She's in sickbay, attending to the wounded.::
<LtChristinaWilliams>: Christina is at her position at the Com
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: :: In the armory inspecting the weaponry::
<Captain_AnthonyGibbs>: ::was on the bridge, monitoring our movement::
<Claudia_Marceaux>: : in the mess hall with the other civilian evacuees:
<FSF_MYTH>: ::looking at the view screen in shock and horror:: chief are you sure you left the potato here
<Arekara>: that's why it's out here... So dark no one will see it.
<LtChristinaWilliams>: :: is monitoring the com chatter
<FSF_MYTH>: A action ) the ships auto collision alarms blar through out the ship as it shifts to red alert And Gibbs seat vibrates to wake him up
<SgtMaj_KadeMitchell>: : enters the bridge to see what's going on:
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: :: Hears the red alert klaxon and collision alarms. Hits the control panel to secure the weapons and braces for impact. ::
<Captain_AnthonyGibbs>: ::moves the ship out of the way::
<FSF_MYTH>: Don't worry about it probably that big asteroid we are heading for
<LtChristinaWilliams>: :: is hearing a lot of chatter on the Com
<Arekara>: Oh When you see it you will know.
<Captain_AnthonyGibbs>: ::checks scanners:: You're right...what's in the asteroid?
<FSF_MYTH>: Impending death
<Cmdr_Olivia_Heart>: :: She looks up to hear the alarms going off.:: What did Gibbs gotten us into now?
<Captain_AnthonyGibbs>: ((Every thing there's cheese and sauce everywhere))
<Captain_AnthonyGibbs>: ::looks at Gabby:: That doesn't sound very Starfleet of you Gabby.
<FSF_MYTH>: I have not been starfleet since before you was a twinkle in your granddaddys pants Gibbs
<LtChristinaWilliams>: :: is picking up an incoming transmission. "Captain, there is an incoming transmission
<Arekara>: the surface will be deploying space elevators for docking ports
<SgtMaj_KadeMitchell>: Why don't we destroy it with a torpedo? There will still be fragments, but much smaller and less destructive.
<Captain_AnthonyGibbs>: ::looks at Christina:: Play it..
<Captain_AnthonyGibbs>: ::looks at Gabby for her comment then back to Christina::
<LtChristinaWilliams>: Plays the incoming transmission... "This is the Starbase Potato asking you to stay on course for docking"
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: :: Doesn't feel a collision and relaxes::
<Captain_AnthonyGibbs>: Helm, continue course as requested.
<LtChristinaWilliams>: Is there is a response that I should send back?
<FSF_MYTH>: Action) in a jolly old Irish Borge the hail starts out :: welcomes everyone to the base and its tractor beam starts out the auto docking as it speaks to,Arekaras
<Arekara>: "Potato?"... Potato? Josephine
<Cmdr_Olivia_Heart>: :: She finishes attending to the patient and then prepares sickbay for possible more injuries.::
<FSF_MYTH>: Sp> welcome home dear I've been busy growing our seeds
<Captain_AnthonyGibbs>: +COM+ All stations prepare for docking procedures..
<FSF_MYTH>: ::watches as the view screen shows a mr potato like shape where they dock through its mouth :: I had forgotten about this
<SgtMaj_KadeMitchell>: (((is this an off sim?)))
<FSF_MYTH>: (Nope)
<Arekara>: (( Nope))
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: :: Stands down from collision protocol and releases the weapons from the armory
<SgtMaj_KadeMitchell>: (((seems like it with all this mr potato head stuff. I thought this was Star Trek)))
<Arekara>: I guess St. Clair had a little fun well helping me program the Mole drones
<Arekara>: (( Me and Myth having a little Fun))
<FSF_MYTH>: Chief now I remember why I wanted to kill you
<FSF_MYTH>: ( now new base I blew last one up so had fun with redesign)
<SgtMaj_KadeMitchell>: (((I guess you have to be in the clique to understand)))
<Captain_AnthonyGibbs>: ::looks at the viewscreen:: This is an interesting design.
<Arekara>: (( SB 35 Where they send the nuts ))
<FSF_MYTH>: Action ) the ship docks safe and sound it looks a little bigger on the inside for once
<Arekara>: I assure You it's fully stocked for our needs.
<FSF_MYTH>: If I remember right the commanding officer can adjust the outer holographic field to change its appearance
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: :: Enters the bridge and watches the docking procedures::
<FSF_MYTH>: Was and is a one of a kind josie Sr. Clair design girl is mad on a old to show called dr who
<FSF_MYTH>: So some things might be strange
<Arekara>: there is no might involved
<Cmdr_Olivia_Heart>: :: She does a sigh of relief as the last patient left sickbay....alive.::
<Arekara>: I guaranty eccentricity
<FSF_MYTH>: Captain tight pants shall we get in board
<FSF_MYTH>: Christina your going to love this place
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: Our new home I take it?
<Captain_AnthonyGibbs>: Did you just call me Tight Pants?
<FSF_MYTH>: I did
<FSF_MYTH>: Sgt. it is indeed
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: :: Nods :: Well at least it's in one piece.
<FSF_MYTH>: Actually more like 10
<Captain_AnthonyGibbs>: My pants are not tight..they fit.
<FSF_MYTH>: I have not yet complained about the view
<LtChristinaWilliams>: :looks at the crew:
<Captain_AnthonyGibbs>: ::looks at her:: Was that meant as a sexual innuendo ?
<FSF_MYTH>: ::laughs::
<Arekara>: The Outside is one thing but the inside is another story
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: :: Grins at the banter::
<FSF_MYTH>: Christina the com arrays here have a beautiful acrostic sound to them
<Captain_AnthonyGibbs>: You can all go aboard at your leisure...hopefully the Commodore is okay with this.
<LtChristinaWilliams>: " I can hear it Sir"
<Arekara>: That would be St. Clair she loves Music
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: :: Walks to where Christina is sitting while watching the viewscreen and gives her a gentle squeeze on her shoulder::
<FSF_MYTH>: The reason it's automated docking is there are walk ways contesting of tubes in space what you walk through to the bar and places
<FSF_MYTH>: Links a rm with the chief and grabs Gibbs :: tell the doc to come aboard to,captain :ulling him up::
<Arekara>: ~ heads to the closest Air lock. ~
<Captain_AnthonyGibbs>: +Doc+ Come aboard the station...
<Cmdr_Olivia_Heart>: :: She grabs a PADD.:: +Gibbs+ On my way.
<Captain_AnthonyGibbs>: ::looks at Gabby:: Do you always grab men into tubes?
<FSF_MYTH>: Action as the crew disembark they see a beautiful natural crystal lined walls of the base having used its natural forms to build it st Clair placed old chandlers to luminate the base in radiant colours
<FSF_MYTH>: Only ones I like ::winks at him ::
<Captain_AnthonyGibbs>: ::looks at her :: Oh ... my..
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: :: Looks at the interior and the crystal lines walls:: Wow. Beautiful...
<FSF_MYTH>: St Clair let her mind go nuts on this one she used complex science to shape the crystals and give us natural feels
<Arekara>: This is leads to the main shopping Arcade in the central gallery. Wait till you see the microgravity swimming pool
<FSF_MYTH>: End simmage
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: ::AA::
<Arekara>: AA
<Captain_AnthonyGibbs>: AA
<FSF_MYTH>: Can someone send me the log please as I not got logger on iPad
<FSF_MYTH>: Good simmage all what you think of our star base up to now
<SGT_Davin_Drake>: Lots and lots of pretties. Nice.
<FSF_MYTH>: Well in away we are breaking away from tradianol Star Trek
<FSF_MYTH>: And making crap up
<Cmdr_Olivia_Heart>: ::AA::
<FSF_MYTH>: So with that said we will have a exciting time here
<FSF_MYTH>: And the stents is due to shortly
<FSF_MYTH>: Just finishing her plot off first
<Arekara>: Star fleet was more military in nature so Everything is utilitarian this is more like a civilian liner
<FSF_MYTH>: If nothing else
<FSF_MYTH>: Chief take us out
<Arekara>: Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars... Dismissed'
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