Oh Look, Another Detroit Lion is ARRESTED!!!

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Oh Look, Another Detroit Lion is ARRESTED!!!

Postby claudia_johnson » Wed Apr 24, 2013 1:16 am

Let me make this clear: I am a HUGE Lions fan! And again, another Lions player is arrested. Full article here:

http://www.foxsportsdetroit.com/nfl/det ... eedID=3701

Ronell Lewis (a 4th rd pick last season out of Oklahoma) was arrested on three seperate accounts of public intox, distrubing the peace, and interferring with police process. The only thing he forgot to do was ask the police if they knew who he was.

In the last two seasons, seven other Lions players have been arrested for similar charges. They include:

Jan. 23: Johnny Culbreath charged with marijuana possession in Orangeburg County, S.C. He paid a $412 fine.
Feb. 18: Mikel Leshoure cited for marijuana possession in Michigan. He pleaded guilty to use of marijuana March 1 and paid a $485 fine.
March 12: Mikel Leshoure arrested for marijuana possession. He pleaded guilty in May.
April 3: Nick Fairley arrested for marijuana possession in Mobile, Ala.
May 27: Fairley arrested for driving under the influence in Mobile, Ala.
June 23: Aaron Berry arrested for driving under the influence in Pennsylvania.
July 21: Berry arrested and charged with simple assault in Harrisburg, Pa.

So, what is wrong with the Lions organization in that they cannot seem to discipline their players and avoid them from going to jail?
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Re: Oh Look, Another Detroit Lion is ARRESTED!!!

Postby FSF Margo » Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:51 pm

Young men with lots of money and time to kill. Honestly, in this age range, there seem to be a lot of troubles with alcohol related crimes. Public Intox, DUI, Disturbing the Peace, ect. I saw it a lot in young airmen in the military. Around colleges. It's not so much a problem with the organization I think as it is with the mindset of young people and how they conduct themselves while under the influence.

I look at a public intox different than I do DUI, assult and possession though. That said, I do think the Lions organization should crack down on the team violations (which I'm sure this falls under) and make a clear statement to their players to shape up and stay out of trouble, or get cut/suspended/fined/what have you.
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Re: Oh Look, Another Detroit Lion is ARRESTED!!!

Postby FSF Sail » Wed Apr 24, 2013 7:20 pm

Without giving away privileged information, I can tell you that there is obligatory training for all of the incoming NFL rookie players in the areas of alcohol/drugs, guns, financial management, and just handling the sudden dramatic changes in their lives. I've been in these sessions, and was particularly impressed at the depth of the material and meaning that they try to communicate. Sadly, boys will be boys. I've long held that they should include their second year players for another round of this training.
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Re: Oh Look, Another Detroit Lion is ARRESTED!!!

Postby Hopkins » Sat May 11, 2013 3:02 am

It's been my experience that "Obligatory Training" doesn't really mean they learn something... I've been to many a training class and walked out after noticing that most of the people didn't learn a dang thing.
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