Jesse & Felicity Joint Log

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Jesse & Felicity Joint Log

Postby FSF Bailey » Sun Dec 01, 2013 10:32 pm

Felicity was stood in the door way to a arge master bedroom down the hall from Leandra and zanes waiting for Jess e

Jesse slowly walked down the hall, not knowing how to feel about not trying to stake Felicity.

" excuse me Over here please Monsieur" she motioned to him

Jesse clutched the sword at his side as he slowly moved to Felicity. "What is it?"

" your Room is here Monsieur " she moved out the way to invite him into a luxary room with a large bed in it and a bath room joined on to it . this was one of the 6 master rooms like this " your wardrobe is in here to "

"Wardrobe?" Jesse questioned. "Did this room once belong to my counterpart?"

" No Monsieur I have been moving items here from my home in Paris to make you all comfortable over the last 3000 years I put together robes and out fits for you all "

"Fascinating. How did you know my size then?"

Walks over to the wardrobe and disrobes out of the armor. Stands there looking at Felicity, in all my glory.

" I guessed Monsieur I figured you would be the same size as the other Jesse he knew I was here long a go and never slayed me " she smiled as she spoke of him " he helped me learn not to bite people when I was so hungry I could not move he gave me a little of his Blood so I could hunt the castle rats and collect the blood from the animals the ground keeper would of thrown away " Turns her back to give him privacy and reaches for the screen to pull it across so he could change behide it

Doesn't move behind the screen, but pulls out a simple tunic shirt and linen pants.

" the Old Jesse should of killed me long ago but he let me stay here in the castle to read the books as long as I didn't kill people he was happy " she moved to the window to open it a little to let fresh air in and to pick up a rune stone she left there
"This stone once I activate it will stop me entering your room with out permission monsieur"
"it is for your saftey "

Jesse slowly slipped into the tunic and linen pants and looked at Felicity. "What do you mean for my safety?"

" so I do not come in and suck your blood out of your neck in the night should I every turn evil again " she shows him the rune " see theses markings revoke all permissions once he living take hold of a room and the castle it means I am not longer welcome with out a invite " she smiled at him as if she was perpaiored for this or had been for a long time

"I am well aware of the runes Felicity" Jesse said, looking at her. "I learned how to do them in my world as well. Why are my powers different now?"

" the book it looked inside your heart and asked what you want to be you still have the power to transform items you touch but it will not always work "

"Would you mind If I left the door to the cave where I live un runed so I may enter your kitchen area to the library monsieur?"

"Felicity, this won't feel at home for me sadly. It's still your home as I take it."

" no Monsieur this is the home of the chosen ones or it was Hailwell was their name Monsieur Bailey helped them out and stopped here to teach others when they died it is your home for now till we stop the evil and then get you home " she looked sad when she said that

"Felicity, why do you look so sad?"

"I miss my friend he used to play chess with me in the moon light" she pointed to the Balcony are out side the window where the old chess set stood still with two chairs

"Who was this friend?" Jesse inquired.

" Monsieur Bailey " this was a guest room only room not protected But I made sure to put runes in place for him "

"Do I look like him?" Jesse inquired.

" A little yes he had a Beard towards the end He lost everything in the war he fought on evil his family friends I was the only one that he didn't lose in the end I lost him " She took a breath " he was a good friend stopped people being a afraid of me " she pointed at the grounds keeper inthe yard " he is my only friend now and his family Though I can not go out in day time they speak to me at night "

"What family did he have?"

" wife 2 children He was a good man liked to help people "

"Lucky him. Unlike him, I was never gifted with Children."

"Monsieur would you like to see a picture ? of him and Rosa they was nice to me "

"Rosa?" Jesse said, his voice cracking and tears began welling up in his eyes. "Best not for now."

" sorry Monsieur I have up set you no ?" she moved out of the Room placing the Run in the floor making it glow and disappear " you know I have no place with the living Monsieur I Will leave when you are all settled down here My gold is yours to spend now "

"Goodbye Felicity" Jesse said, turning into those quarters, and pulling out an old locket he had from his Rosa.

she heads down the hall palcing runs at doors and stops at the statue of Jesse " I did it like I promised I would Monsieur Bailey I made their home safe "
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