Operation: Rising Phoenix

The USS Cadecus is a hospital cruiser or floating MASH unit capable of deploying to whatever area needs her services. We would be capable of carrying medical supplies to distant colonies, run a combat support hospital under fire, while at the same time running field triage units on the ground. Disaster relief would also be under our purview. Formerly operated as a Guild in coordination with the Medical & Science Guild.

Re: Operation: Rising Phoenix

Postby FSF Esrom » Sat Nov 06, 2010 6:17 pm

*** JP between Captain Gonzalez & Lt Col Harmon *********

Driea smiled to herself, "that man is nothing if not fast." She tapped her com, "Lt Col, Understood, I'll meet you on the fighter deck and give you your briefing." She turned to Anvar and said, "the bridge is yours Commander." She stood up and headed for the turbo lift, wondering i this constituted light duty or not. Stepping inside she shrugged and said to the absent Dr Hovel, "Oh Well, Doctor, it can't be helped." She rode to the Marine level fighter deck and stepped off, expecting to see a burly guard to greet her.

A young LCpl meet her are the door, "Col Harmon has told me to escort you straight to the briefing room, follow me please." he said and headed straight to the briefing area, he motioned for the Capt to go inside, while he went to an at ease stance outside.

Dreia followed the Marine and entered the briefing room and looked around. It was a lot different from her briefing room on the command deck. Instead of a large table and chairs around it, there was a podium at the front of the room and several rows of chairs. She looked around the room quickly and went to the front to relay what little information she had to Harmon.

Jon turned to the Capt as she approached, and went to attention, "Capt, a briefing file would have been sufficient." he said.

She chuckled, "And lose this chance to see how the other half of my crew preps for their missions." She stepped over as the smile faded, "Actually, no time to prep a mission file. Do you mind if we sit while I give you the details?" She asked, but sat down in the closest chair without waiting for his reply. "Here's the situation," She handed a PADD to Harmon from the data Cummings had gathered." Both DS9 and out tactical officer have received a signal on the LRS. Problem is, no one can identify it. We need to send you out on a reconnaissance to tell us if this is friend or foe. And if foe, prevent it from becoming a danger to the federation. "

Jon took the PADD and looked it over, "Understood... based on the pattern of flight, and these Warp freq's... it looks like a Dominion scout ship..." he said more to himself then the Capt. "Given the circumstances... I wish I had more then 5 fighters... But we'll adapt."

Dreia felt the involuntary shudder at the mention of the Dominion. "Just make sure you come back in one piece, I won't like my children's godfather not returning before they even get christened." She stood back up, "Then I'll leave you to work out the details, Lt Col. and .. Good Hunting."

Jon nodded, "Thank you Capt... We'll be launching within 30 minutes." he responded.

She nodded and left the room, leaving the Marines to do what they did best.

Jon watched he leave as the other Marine Pilots, and there WSO's all started entering the briefing room.

Dreia nodded to the LCpl as she headed towards the TL. Once the doors closed her off from the Marine decks she sighed tiredly. Having the Marines on board was going to be both nerve wracking and beneficial, but at this particular moment she was sure which was going to be in more abundance.

<tag Harmon and his Marines >
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Re: Operation: Rising Phoenix

Postby Blake » Sat Nov 06, 2010 6:28 pm

"You are right, it really didn't matter, however it is not every day you meet someone of my race on a starship like this" said Jason in a sarcastic tone "just make sure that tri-corder took a full medical scan you'll need it in case there's complications with Alistar and Alana" said Jason getting off the bio and with out another word walked mumbling something about doctors and their egos.

And now that he had been cleared for duty made his way back to engineering for a few minutes to assess reports and how the officer before him was handling things before he officially took over in a few hours as the new Chief.
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Re: Operation: Rising Phoenix

Postby Allyson » Mon Nov 08, 2010 8:11 pm

She had enjoyed their dinner and was looking forward to what the rest of the evening had in store. Walking next to Jon as they left the resteraunt she was about to ask what he'd like to do next when his com whent off and he was recalled back to the ship.

Harmon wrote:“I’m sorry, duty calls.” He said and gave her a small kiss on the cheek, and tapped his comm. badge again, “Harmon, to Marine Operations, Emergency Site-to-Site transport to the fighter deck on board the Cad.”

Clarice smiled and nodded. Then he was gone. "We never seem to get a break." She said to heself as she touched her cheek. with a sigh she headed back to the ship. whatever had caused his speedy departure, Clarice was certain there would be a call for the rest of the ships personnel to return as well.

As she was nearing the dock she glaneced out the window at the Cadecus and wondered if Jon was still there or if he and his Marine Flight had already deaprted. She took a deep breath and moved through the docking unbilical and reported back on board. Heading for her quarters to get some rest before her next duty shift, or the next medical emergency was called. Whichever came first.

She sat dow o the edge of her bed and smiled as she thought about the evening with the Lt Col. She giggled slightly as she thought that he had said good-bye with a kiss. She flopped backwards on the bed and shouted happily,

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Re: Operation: Rising Phoenix

Postby The Writer » Tue Nov 09, 2010 5:41 pm

Dr. Brian Hovel
CMO, U.S.S. Cadecus

Jason Gonzalez wrote:"You are right, it really didn't matter, however it is not every day you meet someone of my race on a starship like this" said Jason in a sarcastic tone "just make sure that tri-corder took a full medical scan you'll need it in case there's complications with Alistar and Alana" said Jason getting off the bio and with out another word walked mumbling something about doctors and their egos.

The Ambassador exited the Exam Room and to this Dr. Brian Hovel flipped the Tricorder up in the air, allowing it to twirl momentarily before he swiped it passingly with one hand, blowing on it as a Gunslinger would showboat a gun, before holstering it into his lab coat. "I like him already," he toyed as he grabbled with the door, heading towards his office, the passing thought of mentioning that Medical Records on crewmen are usually transfered days before said crewmen arrives; doubly so with Ambassadors.

As he entered he saw that the stack of paperwork had again formulated mysteriously on his desk.

"I thought I got rid of you," he stated before taking a seat.
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Re: Operation: Rising Phoenix

Postby harmon » Wed Nov 17, 2010 5:56 am

Jon had finished briefing his flight crews, and they were launched an en-route. It'd been awhile since he'd flown a fighter, but he always found it was like riding a bike, though in this case, a bike that tended to try and roll to port. "This thing definitely needs a overhaul." he said to his back seater, who laughed in response, "I'm sure the Chief will love to hear that." Jon chuckled, and did his best to trim it out. The console behind him started beeping, "60 seconds to visual range." said his WSO. Jon nodded, "All call signs, switch to Manual control, 2, on my wing, 3, 4, 5, hang back out of weapons range unless I say otherwise, or things get hot." the other pilots radioed back various forms of acknowledgment, and Alpha 2 formed up on Jon's wing. "In range, on screen." a holographic display showed up on the dash, "Jem'Hadar... just what we needed. All call signs, raise shields, weapons to standby... we've got a Jem'Hadar fighter just inside Bajoran space, stand by." Jon clicked over to the Operations Channel, "Alpha Flight to Operations... We have a Jem'Hadar fighter 13 klicks inside of Bajoran Space, request orders, over." there was a pause, "Dragon Flight, your orders are to remove them from Bajoran Space, use of lethal force is authorized, you are weapons free, over." Jon nodded, and brought his weapons to full power, "Roger, weapons free, Out" he switch back to his flights comm. channel, "We are weapons free, 3, 4, and 5, move in 30 seconds behind us, if they refuse to leave, we'll light them up." Jon pushed the throttle to full, and started transmitting on all frequencies, "Jem'Hadar fighter, you have violated Bajoran Space, leave now, or be fired upon... Repeat, Jem'Hadar Fighter, leave Bajoran Space NOW or we WILL Destroy you!" Jon waited for a response, "He's charging weapons." that was all Jon needed, "All call signs, light 'em up!" Jon armed one of the Photon Torpedo's mounted on the wing, and fired, he watched as 4 others fired from the other fighters. All five weapons smashed into the fighter, and over loaded its shields. "Fire 2." he said and fired the second of 4 torpedo's, again 5 weapons streaked towards the enemy. It tried to out maneuver, but reacted to slowly, 4 out of 5 weapons slammed into it, one finding its reactor, it detonated before it could get a shot off. Jon watched the fireball form, and dissipate in space as its core blew. he shook his head, "That was too easy... fan out, standard search pattern, keep your guard up... something doesn't feel right..."

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Re: Operation: Rising Phoenix

Postby FSF Esrom » Wed Nov 24, 2010 11:19 pm

*** JP Cpt Gonzalez & Lt Cummings ****

=/\= ON=/\=

Mia was keeping an eye on her scans. She watched as the Fighters blips appeared and moved off to intercept the intruder. As they neared each other she turned to the Captain and XO. "The Fighter's have intercepted the unknown craft... monitoring Fighter ops. .. Vessel is identified as Jem'Hadar fighter. Fighter ops requesting orders."

Dreia didn't hesitate , "Remove with all due haste, I don't want that thing anywhere near this station."

Mia smiled and relayed the orders to the Fighter ops. And what seemed only seconds later the blip indicating the enemy vessel disappeared from the screen. "Enemy craft has been destroyed, Captain."

"Understood," Dreia said as she sat back. "Lt, Recall all personnel. I have a feeling we'll be getting our marching orders soon. And tell Fighter Ops to relay to Harmon to look around to see if there are any more uninvited guests in the vicinity."

Mia nodded and relayed the message to the Fighter ops. Then she issued the recall, musing that she had been smart to go when she'd had the chance. Because from the looks of things.. it might be a long time before they'd get another chance.

Dreia stood up, "I am leaving the bridge in your good Hands Commander Anvar, I've already pushed my doctors orders to the limit, and I still need some rest. Inform me the instant we hear anything." With that she turned and left the bridge, heading to her quarters for a much needed rest.

=/\= OFF=/\=

<Tag Harmon, Anvar... Everyone.. get ready for a new mission!!!!>
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