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The USS Cadecus is a hospital cruiser or floating MASH unit capable of deploying to whatever area needs her services. We would be capable of carrying medical supplies to distant colonies, run a combat support hospital under fire, while at the same time running field triage units on the ground. Disaster relief would also be under our purview. Formerly operated as a Guild in coordination with the Medical & Science Guild.
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At Starbase 174

Fri Mar 09, 2007 10:29 pm

~ Dair, look at the PADD, you have mine, I'm on the bridge ~ 
Dair looked down at the PADD when he heard her mental call and
almost slapped his forehead in the classic "DOH!!" expression at being such an idiot on picking it up and not checking that it was the right one. ~Alright, Mia,  but I'd like your opinions on what I had in mind for the party~~ He headed over to her with her PADD and held it out to her to exchange the two.
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Lt Ciaran Alasdair"Dair" MacArdry
USS Cadecus

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Sat Mar 10, 2007 1:34 am

Dreia look at Lieu. "May I see your orders, Lt." Dreia held out her hand and took the Padd when Lieu held it out. Dreia couldn't help but smile. Here it was less than 24 hours before she would become Mrs Jason Gonzalez and she'd been XO for less than 15 minutes.

"Lt Lieu, Science officer." Dreia looked up at Lieu, "Welcome aboard, You may stand at ease Lt." She looked over to the TL where T"Vis and Jason had arrived with the Lt and smiled at Jason. Dries returned her gaze to the new Lt. " I see here you've already been to your adssigned quaters, Lt. If you'd Like to familiarize yourself with the Bridge Science Station Now is as good a time as any." Dreia said looking up at the young Betaziod. For some reason she got a strange feeling that she knew her from somwhere. She shook off the feeling and keyed in that Lieu was now on board and ready for her fitreps, " and you will need to report to sick bay for your intake fitreps as soon as possible."

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Sat Mar 10, 2007 11:31 pm

Lieu stood at ease. “I’ll Head down to sick bay now and I already know the Galaxy Science systems well. I went over them in the holo deck on the starbase. And I don’t go on duty for another 2 hours” She says with a smile. If that’s all, I’ll head to sickbay” She says with a nod. She turns and heads to the TL and stopped before T’vis and Jason. “You two are still here?” She then waits for a response

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Lt. Lieu
U.S.S Cadecus

Mon Mar 12, 2007 12:01 am

Sorveck got up from his desk after finishing all the repair reports. He headed out of the door and onto the bridge he passed the XO, she was performing duties just as he had intended, He also noticed one of the TLwas leaving with his former CENG and the current CENG along with another female officer whom he did not recognize. He walked over to the Battle Bridge turbolift and stepped in. The lift stopped and he exited it. He sat down in the command chair.

"Computer play the Gav'ot toh'va at 83 decibels."

As the opera began Sorveck laid his head back and began his relaxation."

At Starbase 174

Mon Mar 12, 2007 5:08 pm

Bevin had gotten aboard and had taken to wandering around the corridors of her oldest brother's ship. She had all the parameters of the ship memorized as well as the deck layouts so if she needed to hide in a hurry, she could. She knew the main purpose of the ship was to be along the lines of a flying hospital as it were and with her family's forte with medicine, she guessed that helping out big brother would be the best way for her to serve her apprenticeship in the family business. She grinned as she peeked into all the main doors to try to recognize departments with faces as well as the ones that she might need to stay out of the way of.

She just hoped that she could meet up with Jason again before the wedding so that they could start pranking all the ones on the ship. Getting Dair was going to be such fun, especially if he had been the straight laced older brother and doc that his AMO position demanded. She had invested in a case full of "Novelty" items that would be especially appropriate for such a ship. She could hardly wait to get a "Stink Bomb Whoopie Cushion" into the seat of the captain's chair, while leaving a trail of plastic "barf" and fake blood from the warp radiation chamber to one of the alcoves in the cargo bay and a "glow in the dark" skeleton. Oh, this was going to be such FUUUNN!! She could hardly wait to get started!!

Then it happened, a sonic barrage of cacophony came from one of the sets of quarters nearby. She held her hands over her ears for a moment till the sounds resolved them into that of Vulcan Opera. It took her a few moments to figure out which one and where it was coming from. Lord of Light, it was almost as shrieky in places as any of Verdi's, Wagner's or Puccini's most vocally pyrotechnically inclined ones from Earth. Whoever was playing that was going to get pranked the worst and the longest. She headed back for her gear. That vocal attack from inside the room meant that war had been declared and the opening volleys fired. Time for counterattack.

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Bevin MacArdry
Civilian -pesky little sister
USS Cadecus

Thu Mar 15, 2007 4:55 pm

Dreia was getting the feel of being in command of the ship. It still felt a bit peculiar to have the stations reporting to her and Calling her Ma'am. Sorveck had left the Bridge, she had seen him go out of the corner of her eye. The fact that He didn't make any comment made her feel more confident. She knew where he was going.. to the Battle bridge. A good place for quiet repose as long as the ship wasn't in Red alert. And one he deserved after the last few weeks.

A young ensign came up and stood next to her holding out a PADD. Dreia looked over, confused for a moment and then realized that , as the Officer on watch it was her job to read and sign the reports. This report was from Security, in effect stating that everything was fine on board the ship. She signed the report and handed the PADD back to the ensign who dissapeared into the TL.

"Bridge Stations," She said as she settled into the chair, "Report."


Wed Mar 21, 2007 2:24 am

Dair had been checking over his new domain when the call came in for all on the Bridge crew to meet up there. He had noticed signs of a prankster on board and he knew that Jason was too busy with his wedding plans to be doing that. But Duty came first. He'd deal with the prankster later.

Heading onto the Bridge, he saw the new commander in the XO's Seat and smiled, thinking that it couldn't go to a better person. "Cammaindir, Maidicail's aill sait aind raidy tae gae. aind Ah'm aifraid tha thair bay ah prainkstir an tha lase sae ye mait hae ivvryane bay an tha luikaut fer trabbil." He smiled to her, letting her know that he understood her situation as being new to a post. before moving to let the others make their report.

Lt Ciaran Alasdair "Dair" MacArdry
USS Cadecus

Fri Mar 30, 2007 8:30 pm

Dreia smiled over at Dair ad he finsihed his report, "I'll definately make sure to relay that information, Dr." She chuckled a bit and then thought a moment. Looking over at Dair again she said, " I would suspect that these pranks were initiated by someone new to the ship." She turned to the SEC and asked " Has anyone new come aboard, besides Ens Lieu?"


Sat Mar 31, 2007 2:11 pm

Bevin grinned as she started programming the replicator for balloons filled with a rose scented perfume spray. This was going to be too fun! she thought as she found the access panel to Dreia's quarters and started shoving the first of the balloons in. She went over to the entertainment unit and started programming in all the sappiest and steamiest love scenes from all the holonovels and other media that there was to be found so that all she could access was any of the subject matter of choice. She had also signed Dair's name on the credit slip for a plethora of "Newlywed Toys" and hid them under the covers of the bed while installing a miniature camera over the bed to live feed whatever was going on over to the entertainment center with properly "augmented" sound effects. She then went back and started bringing in more and more balloons till the rooms were completely filled and no more could be crammed inside. She grinned even more as she checked the linkages and found that anyone could watch what was going on in her quarters that wanted to. Talk about some good Blackmail fodder, this was going to be a gold mine!!

Bevin MacArdry
Civilian brat
USS Cadecus

Wedding Bells

Sat Apr 14, 2007 2:34 pm

Dreia Nervously stood in the small room with Mia. "I can't believe it's finally happening"

Mia smiled, "It's your dream come true, I am so happy for you"

Jason ::poofs around the ship wondering where he left his shirt:: "Yo Skipper...you seen me shirt" says in mid poof as one of his shirts follow him

Sorveck looked up from his desk as the former Ceng appeared in his office. " No Jason I have not seen your shirt. Perhaps you should have looked for it before the last moment."

Jason: Looking at Sorveck slightly he said "Oh cheer up would you, why the sour face?" he asked unsure if policy would let Sorveck tell him now that he was a civilian

Sorveck: "I do not have a sour face but I am a bit perturbed. It seems we have a prankster on board and unfortunately I was pranked. Why not just replicate a new shirt?"

Smiling Jason walked over to the replicator and asked for a shirt... thinking he would get a shirt instead he got 3 girls who quickly ran towards Sorveck and started smooching him... "ermm yeah think they got the replicator's to sir

Dreia gets her gown on with a little help from Mia, "I wonder who put all those balloons in my quarters, do you thing it could have been Jason?"

"I don't know, there seem to be a lot of pranks going on around the ship lately" Mia shook her head, "Could be that young civilian that was visiting from the Starbase. But lets just forget about that for now. Today is your day." Mia smiled as she buttoned up the gown for Dreia

Sorveck looked at the ladies. "Computer site to site transport everyone in this room, save myself and Mr Gonzalez, to Cargo bay four."
As the ladies shimmered away Sorveck looked at Jason. "Perhaps we should leave before anything else bad happens."

Jason tried to suppress a laugh but couldn't hold it much longer... he was practically rolling on the deck of laughter before all he could do was point and say through chuckles "you...might... wanna... pick...pants up... Skipper" was all he could manage before he poofed out of the room and onto the bridge

Sorveck sighed and opened a drawer on his desk when this was all over anyone tied to this pranking mess was going to be thrown in the brig forever. He headed out of his ready room and into the Turbolift. "deck 10"

"sheesh...take a joke old friend" said Jason slapping Sorveck's shoulder... "and sorry" he said with a wink as the TL arrived on 10

Dreia patted down the front of her dress, "Well whoever sent them, I could hardly move in my quarters, but the rose scent was a nice touch," She placed the veiled crown on her head, "you think the men are ready yet?"

"Well Mr Gonzalez you know my sense of humor is lacking." As the lift stopped he walked out of the lift into TFL

Jason: "Oh well excuse me mister right guy" says walking after him "but you know....as your CO'ing duty you need to relax and not be tense... come on you know how that was like right?' he asked

Mia looked up, "we'll know when they alert us in 10 forward, I guess." Smiles at Dreia

Jason: "well Sorveck..think we should ask the ladies to come down don't you think?" says wondering why he's so quiet

"Aye, I believe it is time to get the proverbial show on the road." Sorveck tapped his combadge. "Sorveck to Frej, please report to ten

forward for your ceremony." Sorveck then closed the com, and headed to the front of TFL, "Are you ready Jason."

"I think they are here, " Mia said as she heard a chime, "you ready?"

Dreia smiled and picked up a bouquet of flowers, "I am ready, let's go" Leads Mia out to the door at 10 Forward , Looks around "it's beautiful"

"I've been ready since the day I meet her" Jason says to Sorveck with a nod

Sorveck noticed Dreia in the back and looked a Jason should we start now Mr Frej."

Narrows his eyes at Sorveck "very funny... were missing two...ah here they come " said Jason as J'kur took his place next to Dreia and

T'vis next to him and Sorveck "now we are ready"

T'vis replied,> "Yes now we are"
Mia takes her place in front of the bride and smiles back, "All set Dreia?"
Dreia smiles and looks at J'kur, "Now we are!" Looks up towards Jason, her eyes filled with love
Sorveck motioned for the music to play and then waited for Dreia to come to were he, Jason and T'vis were.

Mia started the procession as the music started
Dreia waited for Mia , and glancing at J'kur and started to walk towards Jason

Sorveck waited for Dreia to reach the front and the music to die down and then opened his mouth to speak.
"Since the days of the first wooden vessels, all ship masters have had one happy privilege: that of uniting two people in the bonds of

matrimony. And, so, we are gathered here today with you, Dreia Frej, and you, Jason Gonzalez, in the sight of your fellows in accordance

with our laws and our many beliefs, that you may pledge your love to each other"

Dreia listens to Sorveck as she looks lovingly at Jason

Sorveck looked at Dreia , "Do you Cmdr Frej take Jason Gonzalez to be your one and only?"

Dreia held Jason Hand in hers and nodded :: Yes I do

"And do you Jason Gonzalez take Dreia Frej to be your one and only?"

Mia Waited patiently for Jason to answer
"I do" he said with a smile

" And now the rings. who has them." Sorveck asked.

Mia holds out the Ring Dreia gave her to hold. "I have one!"

T'vis, raising his phaser pushes the trigger and pops open the rice ball, slapping himself for a second he says "Oh shat...thought I left something in the rice ball" he said as two rings came down and landed with a thudd on his head, "I have the other two?" looks up in awe..

"No its just one...gotta put it together see" said Jason taking the rings and putting them an inch apart where they magically joined electricity could be seen connecting the two parts of the ring

Sorveck looked at the two " "With these rings, you are consecrated to each other according to the law of the Federation"

Dreia holds out her hand

"eh...at least its not cement" said Jason putting the joined ring on her hand with another smile

Mia hands Dreia the ring, smiling at the couple.

Dreia holds Jason's hand, places the ring on his finger, " Cement isn't as strong as this," she said smiling up at Jason.

Sorveck said solemnly "Then by the power granted to me By the United Federation of Planets I now pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride."

Dreia lifted her face to Jason

Jason just smiled at her and said "well here's to the wife" he said leaning in to kiss her

Dreia leans up, kisses Jason and smiles, "and here's to my Husband"

Mia smiles as rice still showers down on everyone

Sorveck continues, " And now the ceremony is complete. Congrats to the new couple and may they live long and prosper,"

Mia Smiles:: "Hear Hear!!"

(Jason).....JP .... end ...
( Dreia Gonzalez)...... and a new beginning!

Mon Apr 16, 2007 5:28 pm

Mia Watched happily as the newlywed couple walked down the aisle. Turning to T'Vis she said, "I never thought it would happen. So much has happened, it's good to see them so happy."

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After a moment she nodded,"one never knows what the future will bring."

*** about an hour or so later****
She had enjoyed the reception and had watched as Dreia and Jason had left for their "Honeymoon".

She still had a lot to do to prepare for this new mission and she knew it would not be acceptable to the Captain if she missed something important. She made her fareweels to the others and made her way back to her quarters. She sat down ot her personal console and brought up the files she would be needing. She smiled at the thought that they would be going somewhere that no Federation ship had ever dared go before.

She was immeresed in thought and didn't hear her door chime at first. The sound suddenly registered and she looked towards the door, "Enter!" She said as she stood up to face the door and whoever was there.

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At Starbase 174

Wed Apr 18, 2007 1:18 pm

Bevin was already ready for the newlyweds when they got to their new quarters. A festooning of tissue paper adorned the rooms in swags and bows, each seemingly holding  a small bouquet of  tissue paper roses while the bed seemed to be full of the garlands. She had vidcams strategically placed around and over the bed so that she could record their first night together of  being hitched. She imagined that the blackmail potential from that tape would rival any she had gotten of the Admirals in their more indiscrete moments. She had heard of the Sorority for Practical Jokers at the Academy and how the Iota Nu Beta girls used the pulling of such stunts on the upper echelons of Starfleet as ways of keeping the top brass on their toes. Maybe all the stunts she pulled would count toward her initiation with them.
She grinned as she checked the thick foamy layer beneath the two sheets and added  a bottle of pheromone spray to the Scents already mingling in the foam. She could hardly wait till they got into the "Mess" when they climbed into bed. From the research she had managed to pull from Big Brother's computers, the mix in there was a guaranteed aphrodisiac for the two of them as well as the platter of nibbles that was placed on the nightstand by a bucket of champagne cola and a couple of glasses. She still was too young to get the real stuff, no matter how much she tried to get it from the merchants by telling them it was for a wedding present. She sneaked out with her last "Present" programmed in for when their passion caused the room temperature  to rise a couple of degrees. She had it designed so that when they were in the middle of their passion, the sprinklers would turn on in there, giving the term  "Bridal Shower" a whole new meaning. This was going to be even more fun than that Shivaree planned up for them by her brother. Sometimes those were good but this was more creative by a long shot. She headed back for her hiding place, trying to think of who else would be perfect to prank. Dair was no fun, she had gotten him too many times in the past and he knew her style. But that Security Ensign should be fun to get. She was a real pistol when she wanted to be. Bevin sat back  in her cubby and began to plot and plan.
Bevin MacArdry
Deryni Brat Civilian
USS Cadecus

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