Need Advice, Please

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Need Advice, Please

Postby FSF Bastetovski » Thu Jun 07, 2012 12:53 am

EDIT: Someone was able to help with the the advice.

In one of the jobs that I've applied to online sent me an email, stating three things that they wanted me to send back to them. One of them includes an address of a website that I've created. My problem is that I'm not for sure which two websites that I would want to email back.

Here are the two:

I believe the first one is a good one; however, I am not for sure if someone may be off put from the fact that it is MA rated. Although, it doesn't have any pictures nor content that is MA in nature, but I did state in one of the side bars of its rating so that anyone that came across it may think about if they want to join that sim or not. Also, to have parents to be aware of the rating as well.

The second one is simple, doesn't have the MA rating, and a bit brighter.

My question is, which one would be better suited for sending one of them for a job opportunity?

EDIT: Someone was able to help with the the advice.
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Re: Need Advice, Please

Postby HsiuWolfson » Fri Oct 14, 2016 8:24 am

Both of the websites are the builder editions. Try to send them using wordpress (as it is the most famous version of website management).
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