Scientific Analysis...(Auron)

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Scientific Analysis...(Auron)

Postby FSF Eagle » Mon Sep 05, 2016 2:33 pm

Lt. Commander Rennon Auron and his science team continued to analyze all the data that came in on the Hobus supernova and the resulting destruction of Romulus and Remus. Ren tried to put aside the fact that billions of people were dead as a result. Right now what was important was how and why Hobus went up like it did.

Ok, Ren knew these facts. Hobus was a type K5 star. A little bit cooler and smaller than the type G5 that Earth orbited. All the information available stated that the Hobus star itself did have some instabilities but should’ve still lasted another two to three billion years. The data coming in from Starfleet intelligence surveillance satellites showed several trace anomalies prior to the supernova event. Trace tachyon emissions, subspace distortions and finally trilithium signatures.

Ren sat back and turned off the data feed. He rubbed his eyes and got up to get some coffee while his analytical mind turned over the information that he had been given. He took a sip of coffee and sat back down. He stretched a bit and then began a breakdown analysis of the data he had been given. Hobus was an unstable star but should’ve lasted another two to three billion years, which meant that the supernova had to be an artificial event caused by an external source. Trace tachyon emission of this sort could indicate some sort of cloaking system in use. An in depth analysis of the subspace distortions are the most likely result of a transwarp conduit. The most disturbing readings were trilithium traces. In theory, trilithium was the primary component for a warhead that could stop all nuclear reaction within a star. It wasn’t very practical as a weapon due to the severe instability inherent to trilithium but it was possible to stabilize it though no one had discovered how to make a trilithium weapon since the incident at Veridian 3 where Dr. Tolian Soran and the Duras sisters had managed to do so but all the data was lost with the death of the Duras sisters and Dr. Soran’s death.

Bottom line, the worst case scenario was that a cloaked ship had fired a trilithium torpedo at the Hobus star causing it to go supernova and then utilized transwarp to escape just before the supernova destroyed the Romulus star system. And if that was the case then someone out there has a practical weapon that was a direct threat to the security of the entire galaxy. Ren finished writing his report and sent it to the Captain.
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