Change of Roles (Gomez/Sullivan)

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Change of Roles (Gomez/Sullivan)

Postby FSF Eagle » Sun Oct 02, 2016 8:07 pm

“Admiral, we’ve got everything covered.” Commander John Sullivan stated as they walked toward Admiral Gomez’s quarters, “I do wish you would stop worrying and have a bit of faith.”

Margarite chuckled mirthfully, “de lo contrario, mi querido. All I have is faith. But that still does not prevent me from looking for problems. You know the old saying, ‘hope for the best, but plan for the worst.’ “ She stopped in front of her door, “sorry that that lesson has turned me a bit… inquisitive.”

Sullivan chuckled a bit as well and shook his head, “I understand. It’s just that sometimes you act like a mother hen.” He replied as they got to her quarters. Sullivan watched as she unlocked the door and entered. He leaned against the doorframe, “So Admiral, is this where we part ways or do have further need of me this evening?” He asked with a small smile on his face.

Gomez turned to face Sullivan, “Need? Perhaps not, but I would like to hear more of your insights to my character. After all, a mother should listen to her children.” Margarite smirked and stepped further into the room.

Sullivan entered behind her and laughed as the door closed behind them. Sullivan locked the door and his hands snaked out to get a hold of Gomez and he pulled her to him. He hugged her from behind, “Ok Mother...” He whispered in her ear, “...perhaps I will tell you a lot more about your...character.”

Margarite leaned back into his strong arms and smiled at him over her shoulder, “I am sure you could take the whole night to share that information.” She sighed deeply and allowed herself to relax for the moment.

John inhaled deeply, taking in her scent for a moment as he held her before pulling back reluctantly, “Now that we are alone…” His hands drifted to her back, “ will go to the bedroom and change into something more comfortable while I see to getting dinner started.” As he pulled back further from, he gave her a playful swat on the butt to get her going, “Get going now.” He said with a tone that was both teasing and commanding. It was the deal between them, when they were in public, Admiral Gomez was in charge but in private, John Sullivan got to order her around as he saw fit, usually to the delight and pleasure of both of them.

A small laughing squeal escaped her lips as she headed off to change. It was time to put away her pips for the night and let John call the shots. She changed out of her uniform and into one of the outfits that John had approved of for their time together. It was amazing how liberating it felt to let go the reins and let Sullivan take charge. And the bonus was that he was an excellent chef. She smiled to herself as she came back into the living area. “I hope this is more to your liking, Sir.”

John stopped what he was doing in the kitchen and looked her up and down with that smoky intensity in his eyes that showed he did indeed approve of what she was wearing. In fact, it looked like John was sizing her up as if she were dinner...or perhaps dessert. “Indeed it is Margarite.” He replied in that low husky tone the every woman knew. “Now relax for a few minutes while I go change. The food will simmer and set here while I’m gone.” John said as he stepped up to her. He looked at her with an almost possessive look as he caressed her cheek and passed ever so close before breaking off for the bedroom.

His caress sent a shiver of anticipation through her. The way he spoke, the way he looked at her made her feel beautiful and special. She sat as he had instructed, crossing her legs at her ankles and kept her eyes on the door as she waited.

Five minutes later, the bedroom door slid open and John came out in a tight t-shirt with a small Starfleet emblem on the upper left of the chest and a large UFP logo on the back. The shirt didn’t seem constricting on him at all though it did show off a nice upper physique. He wore a pair of sweatpants with the logo that represented the Special Forces Hazard teams that Starfleet put together sometime back. John watched her steadily as he crossed the room until he entered the kitchen to check on the food. “Still simmering…” He said quietly.

“Yes, you are,” she said absentmindedly as her eyes followed his movements.

John smiled at hearing her response. Once he stirred the food and settled it for a few more minutes, John went back into the main room and came up behind Margarite again. John put his hands on her shoulders and began massaging all the day’s tensions and stress away with strong yet gentle fingers, “Here we go. How does this feel?”

She let her had fall back as her muscles seemed to melt under his skilled hands, “Oh that feels wonderful. Makes me feel like I could turn into a puddle.” She smiled and raised a hand to cover one of his, “You have such a wonderful way to relax.”

“I’m glad you see this. And besides…” John brought his lips beside her face and whispered into her ear, “...I figure that if I take care of you now, you will take care of me later, hmm?” He said with that smoky tone he knew she loved.

Margarite shivered with excitement, “You know I am more than willing to take care of you.” She shifted in her seat to smile up at John. “I am sure you will know exactly what I can do for you later. But for now, shall we have some of that delicious smelling meal you’ve prepared?”

John kissed her upturned forehead and then went back to the kitchen, “I hope you like stir fry with rice.” he said as he mixed the rice and the veggies together and began adding some soy sauce and a few other little spices. The smell grew even more tantalizing as he finished mixing the food.

“I am sure that I will love whatever you have made,” She said as she moved towards the table. “Can I help with anything?”
She didn’t really expect Sullivan to allow her to help with his preparations, but she did love to watch him and this gave her a much better vantage point.

John smiled as he worked, “Just go sit at the table and look beautiful like you always do.” He replied as he finished with making the food. He got two bowls and filled them both while he spoke, “Anything you want to drink with this?”

“Perhaps a nice warm saki,” she said as the delicious odors of the food drifted to her nose. “Or whatever you think will go best.”

“Sake it is for the lady. Replicated unfortunately.” John stated as he went to the replicator and got the sake out. He then set the tray of sake down between them before sitting across from her. John then offered Margarite both chopsticks or a fork. “Your method of consumption ma’am?” He said with a smile.

Margarite laughed gently and took the chopsticks, “I’ll go traditional, for the moment. This smell scrumptious. I can’t wait to taste it!” She took the chopsticks and struggled a little to get them into position. “This is the hard part.” She said looking up at John with a smile.

He watched Margarite struggle with the chopsticks for a moment and then held his own up, “Here like this.” He held one stick like a pencil and then he positioned the other one slowly. John then pinched the two sticks together, “Here try it.”

Margarite watched and carefully copied the way John was hoping his chopsticks. She smiled victoriously up at him when she succeeded, “I got it!! Thanks. But keep that fork on standby just in case.”

John placed the fork next to her plate, “Always be prepared.” As they ate, John watched as Margarite ate. Whenever she looked at him, he smiled, his eyes still filled with that smoky look of desire he always seemed to have for her when they were alone.

Margarite blushed knowing that look in his eyes. She was beginning to get hungry for dessert and not of the food variety. “I love the way you look at me.”

Margarite suddenly felt John foot slide along hers, “And I love the way you blush when I look at you like this.” John continued eating and took a drink of the sake never taking his eyes off of her.

Margarite took a sip of her saki and looked over the rim of the cup at him with eyes smoldering in heat.

And so it went on until dinner, and the saki was done. John then got up and offered his hand to Margarite, “It’s time for dessert I think.” His voice was husky and breathy. He was most definitely talking about something other than food.

She took his hand and rose from her seat, “Yes, dessert, exactly what I was thinking.” Margarite smiled and moved closer to John and placed her free hand on his chest, her fingers tracing the muscles under his shirt.

John stood still and let Margarite’s hand freely wander over his chest. He took one hand and caressed Margarite’s cheek before running his fingers through her hair, “So beautiful. So feminine. So...intoxicating…” He whispered to her.

“Yes,” she said breathlessly, “Yes you are intoxicating as well. Shall we sample that dessert?” She whispered as she leaned up and pressed her lips to his.

John slowly received her kiss slow at first, then he deepened it as his hands went around her waist and married her body to his as his tongue invaded her mouth and wrestled with hers. The kiss seemed to last forever and when they both finally had to come up for air, John swallowed hard, “Wow...what a...sample.”

Margarite smiled and nodded, “A very good sample indeed. I can’t wait to have the rest of the dessert.” She turned slightly and headed for the bedroom tugging his hand lightly.

John laughed as he let himself be led to the bedroom, “Somebody sure can’t wait.” Once in the bedroom, John pulled Margarite to him and kissed her hard this time while he started to open Margarite’s shirt quickly wanting to feel her naked skin against his.

A soft sigh escaped her lips as she felt his fingers against her skin, encouraging her to tug on his shirt to feel his skin beneath her own fingers. She continued the deep kiss eagerly pressing her body to his.

John slipped her shirt off and then slid her hands under his shirt giving her the idea to take it off before his hands started to explore her bare back once more.

Margarite didn’t need any more hints and she eagerly helped John remove his shirt and then pulled herself as close to him as she could get and began sliding her hands over his now bare chest, letting her fingers trace over the musculature with a growing passion.

Finally having had enough anticipation built up, John’s hands glided down Margarite’s back and he lifted her up enough to half lay, half toss her on to the bed with him laying on top of her. John took a few seconds to caress her cheek and then he kissed each eye gently before looking down at her, “Now you’re mine…”

Margarite smiled and felt butterflies of excitement tingling from her head to her toes as she replied, “Yes, I am, John.”

He smiled with that triumphant male “I got the girl” smile as he moved back down to really start what would become several hours of incredible white hot ecstasy...
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