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Noble Child

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The next several days would be special. Nalada was on a stool as servants fixed her hair and dressed her.

"Ow!" The seven year old felt her hair being pulled.

"Relax," her mother ordered. "We have been honored to see Lady Gaia's presentation. She will be gifting our great city."

Nalada winced as her hair was pulled again. The servants were putting ribbons into it.

"Will Lord Fermin be there?"

"You are not to worry about him. You will meet him when you marry."

Nalada tried to scratch an itch on her head, but one of the servants stopped her. "I saw him once. He was climbing a tree." It had been a year ago. The boy was about three years older than her.

"In time, he will learn not to do such things. The trees are not place for a young lord."

Finally, Nalada was released.

"Do not touch," her mother ordered when Nalada went to scratch that itch again. "Come."

Nalada followed. On the way to the carriage, she managed to find a moment when no one was looking. She scratched the itch, careful not to mess up her hair.

"Nalada, come!"

She continued on. Her siblings met her there. Her youngest brother was holding the hand of her father. The family and a few servants took up two carriages. Soon they were on the way.


The last thing Nalada remembered was watching the forest. Suddenly, someone was waking her up. She found herself leaned up against her brother.

A servant sitting across from her quickly leaned over and began fixing her hair.

"They must appear their best," her mother said.

"They will," the servant promised.

Nalada was soon lead out. Her mother gave orders as they walked down the road into a near house. She and her sisters were soon lined up in a private room and fixed up again. Finally, they were able to sit down to eat.

Being the oldest daughter, Nalada was expected to lead by example. She was always to be presentable. She had to speak the right way. She had to walk properly. There were even rules on how to eat.

"A lady must never finish her plate."

Nalada ate half of what she was given. It was to be expected. Hunger was not usually an issue though. At home, she ate enough meals to keep satisfied. However, when they were out visiting, Nalada was often left hungry. She wasn't allowed an extra meal or snack outside the house. Still, she knew the rules. When dessert came, she took a bite and left the rest, making her mother proud. She never knew what became of her leftover food.

Her brothers had the opposite problem. Men and boys were expected to eat heartily. An unfinished plate was a great insult to your host. It was less of an issue at home, but when they were out visiting, Nalada often saw the ill faces of her brothers as they forced down that last bit of food.

After the meal, they went to a party. The adults did a great deal of talking and drinking. Nalada went off to find children her age to play with. She found two, girls that she had played with at previous special events. The three of them went off to the garden, playing until it was time to eat again.

Overall, it had been a good day. As evening came, she was taken to where she would sleep. She'd be sharing a suite with her parents and siblings, something that one of her brothers complained about. With their parents not yet there, he was hushed by one of the servants. One by one, the older siblings were taken to the closet. They came out in their nightwear.

Nalada was thankful when it was her turn. She hopped up on the stool they had ready for her. She felt relief in her head as her hair was let down. She closed her eyes as it was brushed. She was soon dressed her in nightwear, and the hair brushing didn't last nearly long enough. She was tired though, and the bed she had been given was comfortable.

To be continued...
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