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Postby Ramsay » Mon Dec 28, 2015 10:57 am

"We RV with SG25... We can't leave this planet without the IOA team!"

: Pel'Tak : Command deck of the orbiting Ha'tak.

Erechtheus sipped a chalice of wine as his crew worked.
"My Lord, Readings indicate the Chapai has become active." Stated one of the Ja'ffa.
Erechtheus tossed his chalice and activated the holographic display with a wave of his hand he magnified the image zooming into the area around the Stargate just as it closed.
His eyes flashed. He looked to his crew.
"Orders to all Ja'ffa High Alert, Deploy The heavy weapons."


Sanders watched the landings. He and the IOA team had broken contact as they had been ordered.
Chen his second in command Watched as well and finally broke the silence. "Sir what do we do now?"
"This possibility was foreseen. We remain off the grid and complete our mission."replied Sanders.
"And the SG teams?" Asked Chen.
"15 is gone the rest will have to fend for themselves. Our priorities are clear." Replied Sanders Tursly.

The Ja'ffa ground Commander with drew a communications orb from his cloak as his new orders came in.
Jaffa around him sounded the war horns. and beat the war Drums. the camp became a buzz as death gliders banked on the hunt.
Heavy doors opened as more chariots drawn by bronze colored mechanical horses road out of the ships
The Commander mounted his Chariot The mechanical bulls belched fire as they road the Chapai
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