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While he waited for Colonel Wu to respond to the village leader, Manny stepped closer to Colonel Featherstone still keeping watch on everything. He knew all too well that on these off world missions, just how quickly a seemingly harmless situation could turn into a fight for their lives. Although there was nothing that indicated there was any danger, he couldnt help getting a feeling that something here was wrong.

moulmein wrote:Claire couldn't hide her frustration and could also see an element of annoyance hung on Manny's face. 'See anything...out of place?' she asked the other officers keeping her back turned to the group.

Colonel....................its not so much that anything seems out of place to me, but have you noticed that these people do not seem a bit surprised to see us. If I didn't know any better I'd swear they were expecting us ...........or perhaps someone like us.
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ooc: If Wu doesn't post soon, I'll advance the storyline on a bit more...


Colonel....................its not so much that anything seems out of place to me, but have you noticed that these people do not seem a bit surprised to see us. If I didn't know any better I'd swear they were expecting us ...........or perhaps someone like us.

Claire turned and peered down. They had weapons though, but he was right, it seemed all too...planned. Another trap? Hardly...if they knew who they were and what they had, they would approach with something a bit more hefty than racks and shovels.

'You're right...this looks all too...familiar' she paused. 'Tucker, you got your scope handy? See if you can spot anything going on...either down in the villages or in the city itself....'

(Tag Tucker)

Claire tapped her knees unconsciously. A gesture she learned a while ago. She then nodded to Manny. 'Keep your weapon handy Jenkins...we might have some issues soon'


The plane landed and they made their way to a car that was awaiting them. Scarlett was still nursing her injured shoulder and after the long flight, it slightly ached. She popped a pill into her mouth and noticed Hinsdale staring at her, 'What...' she paused as she swallowed, 'it hurts alright?'

The car driver didn't speak English at all but knew exactly where to take them. Strangely, no-one else seemed to be with them. Just Hinsdale, Scarlett and a strange driver.

The city of Paris was gloomy that day. Clouds shielded the brilliant sun that Scarlett admired from the comfort of the jet on the flight in. It wasn't long however before they were out of the city bypassing all the major attractions, and into the country. She growled within herself swearing to return back there after this was done.

She popped another pill in her mouth and crunched it softly letting the panalgesic enter her body.

They were on their way to Le Havre where Alice-Laure Hubert worked, lived and well, whatever else.


The car pulled up at about 1500 local time at Le Havre. The hotel hired for them was nothing short of fancy. Hotel Spa Le Pasino. She hopped out and some nice luggage boys took away their bags for them.

At the check in counter they were informed they had a two bedroom suite with all the amenities. Scarlett ribbed Jason with her good arm, 'not too shabby huh'.

Once inside their luxury suite and somewhat unpacked, Scarlett opened her folder again and her laptop looking for the Alice-Laure's work address. She watched Jason momentarily and then turned back her attention to the screen.

'According to this, her office is on Rue Emile Zola...walking distance from here', she paused and then peered back up. 'How should we play this, watch her for a while or go straight in and confront her?' she asked remembering that as they were covert, they were on their own.

(Tag Hinsdale)
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Postby Jason Hinsdale » Tue May 04, 2010 10:40 pm

Jason kept his mouth shut as he watched Scarlett take her pills. Yes, she had a valid reason for taking them. However, he was always cautious when people would pop them in. They could easily become addicting.

The ride to their hotel was nice, considering the level of security he normally expected on assignments. Given that they were just travelling on Earth, they couldn't attract attention with any fanfare. Hopefully, their mission wouldn't cause any disruptions or bring any attention to them at all.

After getting to the hotel, Jason was busy putting some amenities into the bathroom when Scarlett brought the mission back into the main discussion. "We could watch her, but if she's indeed involved with anything relating to the SGC or the 302's, then I doubt we'll be able to easily observe her without monitoring her electronics. Computer, cell phone, the like. It may be best to just approach her and see what information we can get. Then, once we've done that, we can see what her next move it."
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[OOC]: Last post in may.. Not good, I am moving in too supply support.[/ooc]
Paris France. He emerged from the elevator onto the towers observation floor. He smiled as a pair of kids chased each other around and wished he could see his soon... but the work was never done. his eye had seen the mark of the drop a piece of crushed blue chalk, he walked too one of the pay binoculars and placed a few euro-cent in the slot placed his eyes too the optics and scanned the horizon. mean time his hand found the magnetic key box under the railing. He pocketed it
"puis-je avoir un coup d'oeil?" [can I have a look?] asked a child's voice.
"oui" [yes]
He hefted the child too the eye pieces and let the child look over the city a action that earned him a smile from the child's mother.
moments later he left the tower dropped and crushed a piece of blue chalk as he climbed into the Driver's seat of his Vel Satis and closed the door. he slipped the little key box open and pulled from it a thumb drive, photos and a note.
he slipped the thumb drive into his computer. the File expanded and a few seconds later he was looking a mission update.
The Activity had received notice that there operations regarding Ms. Hubbard had just crossed paths with a second group of the US DOD, a project: Stargate and some command he had never heard of.
The man rubbed his temple. Hard enough time not tripling over the CIA, FSB, French secret Service and MI6 but now some Marines of all things were cramping his style. e flipped though the photos. the Operators turned 007's, of course he himself knew all about that. the Activity was America's Secret weapon in intelligence gathering, they operated out of the Army as the US Army Intelligence Support Activity. When the CIA went spying they wanted too know about army's and vehicles, The NSA wasnted too photograph the place and bug every phone and computer. Regular military intell of the Army, Navy and Air force watched the Armies, Navies and Air forces of the enemy. the Activity was some thing else they wanted too know how many doors a place had, wanted too know where a target was sleeping and where he had before they were created too assist SF in missions with up too date intell and on the ground data the stuff that can get a SF team in like a breeze and out like a whirl wind. they had been created after the Desert one disaster. They showed up offering help finding targets, evaluations of security of Us assets gathered Humit ( human intelligence) where most went with Photo's and electronics. often recruited from the US military especially units Like Delta , devgru and other top SF units.

Hubbard was at first glance clean but here work looked too clean. the Activity had seen some thing wrong when one of it's shooter teams in the Rock pile ( Afghanistan ) pulled papers from a enemy KIA and discovered he was supposed too be a peaceful NGO worker. they back tracked up the line and found her name on the paper work that got her a new shadow in the form of the Secret Army of Norther Virgina. and now a Pair of operators* were looking in on her too with this many Spec ops people watching her she must feel the safest woman in all of Paris.

He opened the note from the drop.
"Glen keep them safe
no games!"

was scribbled in red marker.
" Alright mother."
He crumpled the note placed his key in the ignition pulled out of his spot and drove away.
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