Cloaking Devices

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Re: Cloaking Devices

Postby FSF Mariko » Sun Mar 25, 2012 6:08 pm

Cloaking.... Man I have read all of what you have been saying... I just think of as Movie Magic if used in our sims I just take it as... well it's only stories we write and Threads that are fun. So why be worried if it works or not or if it's legal or not? I know some of you might what to kick me or laugh LOL but that is ok by me... it's just a game for me use what you will if you think it works.
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Re: Cloaking Devices

Postby FSF Ward » Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:56 pm

It is important because a lot of hosts want their sims to make sense. The federation isn't allowed to develop or have cloaking technology because of a treaty with the romulans. So if your sim uses cloaking technology you should be prepared to explain how it fits in and how the federation is able to use it... perhaps the romulans withdrew from the Treaty... or maybe the Romulan Empire no longer exists in your sim.

Cloaking devices work by attempting to make a starship invisible to the electromagnetic spectrum. On this spectrum is an area called "White light" which is what humans see. Therefore if a ship was to become invisible to that area of the spectrum we would not be able to see it with our eyes.
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Re: Cloaking Devices

Postby harmon » Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:55 pm

What I always found interesting on things like the cloaking suits in Star Trek: Insurrection, is a lot of movies, (not just Star Trek) usually say that a cloak works by bending light around the object in some way. Which for a ship with sensors would work fine, but for a cloak suit, (well aware it can be equipped with sensors too, and let you see where your going via a display inside the helmet or something... not my point) If light is bent around the object, that would mean that it isn't reaching the eye of the person in the suit, and would there for make them blind. Just an interesting thought to add to the discussion. Like I said, there are numerous ways around this...
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Re: Cloaking Devices

Postby The Writer » Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:33 am

To what Mariko says:

I feel some semblance in some construct within reality makes a sim's believability more palpable for the writer to write within. Not to say that this context of technology and sudo-science is, beyond all things, fiction, but it crafts the construct of the situation or the environment a writer writes in and makes collaboration easier. On a whole, it makes the sim more enjoyable.

A good sim does this with their characters as well. Doing that is a bit more tricky. But its absolutely brillant when it holds.

To Mitch:
Later in Season 2, after the Byrne and his crew meet with the Resistance and start gathering resources to combat the Borg Collective, we do dive deep into cloak technology, more over assault suits built with cloak. Its funny that you mention the refraction of light not reaching the eye of the wearer making them blind as that is one of the character flaws built in to the template.

The suits, as with most things associated with Star Trek Eternity, works off nanotechnology, more importantly, the nano-weave energy conversion tech. The cells on the suit, when reactive to engaged energy from the *suits power plant, bends light around the wearer in refraction, making him/her invisible both to the naked eye and conventional sensor pings. The flaw with this is that the wearer is, essentially, blind when the cloak is on. However, a software suite within the suit's computer "paints," an area canvas of sight giving the user a momentary window of sight to make his or her movement tactically. Resistance Agents use the cloak on the suits as a way of quickly maneuvering themselves out of harms way, circumventing a tactical advantage, or holding in a position undetected.

*Suit's Power Plant
The power plant was the original design for the suit's engagement of external manipulations (ie. Shields, Cloak, Strength Enhancement); however, due to the reliance feed with the user and suit, Resistance Agents use the power plant within their nanomachine induced blood stream to power the suit, giving the system, on a whole, an advancement in power consumption (however, the trade off with this system is that too much power draw from the suit will weaken the user physically). Another flaw with the suit is its power consumption. Use of manipulators causes draw on the power plant, giving limit windows of use. The plant is a recycler charger, meaning that it will continue to use and recharge its energy reserves when the system's manipulators are being used. One Manipulator can be active at a time due to the restriction of flow within the power plant's regulator. If Cloak is on, Shields will be down, if Strength Enhancement is on, other systems are down. At default, all manipulators are off for power plant recharge.

I actually have an "old," picture of the suit during its Dark Frontier days, here. However, since that time, the tech has grown to a more streamline application and doesn't require so big of a power plant or a chest piece to operate. I've also gotten a little better with my art work :D so I might actually doodle something new. Of course I could go lazy and just bite the bullet and take up the Crytek Suit the template was built off of, BUT, eh..., we haven't gotten that far and its not, Borg-ish, enough.
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Re: Cloaking Devices

Postby Ramsay » Mon Mar 26, 2012 4:14 pm

The suits in STI were Based more on simple holographic illusions They were intro back in TNG.
the Duck blind seems too work as a observation base camouflaging it's self and projecting similar camouflage over suited individuals however if the base camo fails so does the suits. as seen in STI when Data destroyed the holo projectors.
The Technique is actually close too real life.
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