SGC: Improved Balistic/ Blast Armor vest inserts

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SGC: Improved Balistic/ Blast Armor vest inserts

Postby Ramsay » Sun Jan 09, 2011 1:37 pm

Wikipida:Staff blast armor wrote: "The SGC invented a flexible plastic-like substance, that could be fitted into the tactical vests worn by SG teams, that could prevent death after being hit by a staff blast. Dr. Bill Lee explained that the substance had to be strong enough to withstand not only the impact of the blast, but also the intense heat caused by the blast."

Superior in protection form Energy blasts too the aluminium oxide ceramic tiles Small Arms Protective Insert used previusly that had the unfortunet effect when hit by a staff weapon of microwaving the wearer these inserts have a Problem Although these Inserts Fit seemingly well and are effective at preventing death from staff blasts, They offer little in terms of protection for the Projectile based weapons of the lucian allience a growing threat by late 2006, the Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert Used by the Regular US military similerly offered little in protection form staff blasts although there Boron carbide ceramic structure showed too be superior preformence too the older SAPI Plates they had replaced in terms of heat disapation. A new Protective insert was needed for the SGC as conflicts with the Lucian Allience seemed more and more likely. Stargate command and Area 51 set about the task.
The plate's Requirements were exhausting it must be availible in sizes for the Lightweight Blackhawk Omega Tactical medical vests, Omega Elite series vest, favored by most Airforce SG teams and Army units, The Blackhawk Recon chest Harress Used by some Marine units. the plates had too fit the Body Armor Load Carrying (BALCS) system cut as well as, the Eagle Indistries Combat Integrated Releasable Armor System issued as the lightweight Modular Body Armor Vest and Maritime Combat Integrated Releasable Armor System Vests issued as the Full Spectrum Battle Equipment Amphibious Assault Vest used in more direct action missions, The joint service standard Interceptor Body Armor System used as the default armor of US Forces, the Improved Outer Tactical Vest issued too US Army Units the Marine Corps Modular Tactical Vest as up comming Scalable Plate Carrier of the USMC and Soldier Scalable Plate carrier for the Army As well as by Allied Nation Team systems like the British army Osprey Body Armour, German IDZ armor, Russian Armor systems and the Chinese PLA Protector series.
The New armor would have too offer a minimum of level IIIA protection against small arms well still capible of defending agaist impacts from the charged plasma discharge of a Staff weapon, Be light enough too be worn by SGC personel for extended missions and take blunt force trama.
Under These Requrements the team Went too Work utilizing advanaced material research, Trinium and Titanium were added too Boron carbide ceramic atomic Matrix along with a new laminate based on the Same Atomic Structure as the Anti staff weapon inserts. the new plate was tested and found too offer level IV balistic protection when combined with Kevlar soft Armor and could take up too six direct Staff blasts before the plate deformed too a point where it became useless.
in late 2007 prototypes of these plates were issued too the SGC. Feed back was fast as encounters began occuring faster and faster. by 2008 these plates were proving most effective and newer materials as well as computer data from the newly aquired Asgard Computer system offered ferther improvements. Marine Combat units deployed off World standardised these plates in there Scalable Plate Carrier. Army units continued too use Both the STRIKE elite and other systems the Airforce continued with Omega Elite tactical vests.
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