UNIT: Advanced Develupment Powered Exoskeleton

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UNIT: Advanced Develupment Powered Exoskeleton

Postby Ramsay » Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:42 pm

Project: Achilles
The 21st Century is when every thing changes.

After the Heavy losses Tallied in the Battle of Canary Wharf and Operation Blue Sky Some in Unit Requested A re thinking of the Way UNIT equipped and armed it's Personnel. the Standard issue was little more then off the shelf common military technology, A basic combat uniform in Black, Level 2A ballistic protection, 5.56x45mm Carbines and off the shelf communications. Some began pushing for upgrades too newer heaver Level 3A and Level 4 ballistic vest akin too those used by American Combat troops others even better Dragon Skin vests and still a third Group Argued that any current ballistic protection was Ineffective against any real threat too Earth Security. They pointed too After Action Autopsies Preformed on Fallen personnel that showed in gruesome detail how the daleks, Cybermen as well as Sontari Utilized energy based firearms and had even grater strength then there human counter parts.
This last group called not for a small upgrade in combat armor but an entirely new concept to "level the playing field" in terms of strength via advanced robotics and structural mechanics and increase protection against energy based weapons. A cross the world research began individual institutes and laboratories were granted orders of specific sub components of the system, at first advanced research for the US Army Future force Warrior System rendered results on advanced joint actuators in the form of a "Iron Man" Armored Suit but when with scavenged alien technology and research into advanced synthetic Electroactive Polymers were merged together by a unit Lab they formed the created a basis for a new form of artificial muscles that could be worn like a second skin. lessens were applied form a study of Organic joint structures creating a advanced form of mobility when combined with a layer of advanced Carbon Nanotubes and new ceramics the suit systems were found too offer limited protection form Cyberguns Laser blasters and even dalek blasters. the suit when fitted with a internal dampener system also the user almost unlimited mobility. the next phase of development was too be integration of next generation combat arms however issues regarding cost then propped up. the Suits though many felt held much potential were Expensive and Could only be used by one user as they had too be fitted too the individual user as a second skin any fluctuation in the users body weight or build required extensive modification, the advanced materials also added too the costs a single unit fitted and built costs approximately $150 million US a Price equal too the purchase of a single F22 A Raptor superiority fighter outfitting all or even part of Unit with such equipment would have been impossible. a limited number of preproduction units were built for testing final production was too be based on mission tailored units.

Concept One dubbed " Berserker" was too have integrated advanced heavy weapons it was more or less a one man Artillery piece. it was never produced.
Concept two Dubbed " Lancer" Was the basis too have been the basic issue suit built for multipurpose missions it would have been out fitted with carbines and light weapons six units were created all are now in long term storage.
Concept three named "Saber" was too be used by Special Advanced deployment troops for infiltration of Alien Space Craft Only two were built both are in storage.
Concept four named "Archer" Was a Long range Sniper Specific system none were produced
Consept Five Named " Rider" Was designated for use in Space fighters. none were produced
Consept Six Named " Caster" was built for Command Personnel one was produced it remains in storage.
Consept seven designated "Assassin" utilized external arms and was built for Covert infiltration with advanced camouflage technology and Escape and evasion Features. including Decoy Devices( Flash bang bombs) Smoke bombs, and utilizes van der Waals force too allow the user too "stick" too walls. three were built two are in storage one is listed as missing.
All variations integrated fused Sensor technology allowing vision in Infrared, and thermal spectrum's and were too be hardened against soft vacuums with a limited life support capability.

when production was canceled and the project terminated Unit developed a upgraded ballistic plate utilizing some of the protective quality of the suits and has issued that as standard in a new Plate carrier.
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