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Ideas Index

Postby achillain » Tue Aug 17, 2010 10:50 am

I noticed that we have quite a few ideas and projects floating around in this forum, and some of them have been lost to the depths of time (otherwise known as Page 2), so I thought it might be good to have a list of the various ideas and projects that have been designed by us.

Posted ideas:

Expiremental Projectile Hyposprays - Posted by PhoenixBennu
Star Trek Marine Weapons - Posted by Achillain
"Bolt" Pistol - Posted by Achillain
Thunderhead Class Weapon Research - Posted by Delsana
Firelance Class DANGER Prototype Anti Everything Weapon - Posted by Delsana
J-43 Marine Heavy Suppression Prototype Phaser Rifle - Posted by Delsana
Qualaran Type M Distruptor - Posted by FSF Aries
N-31 Fletcher Advanced Kinetic Pistol - Posted by Delsana
Photonic Pulse Launcher MK I - Posted by FSF Bri
Advanced NueroPhase Grenades - Posted by Delsana
Planet buster - Posted by Mitchell

Defensive systems:
Gel Armour - Posted by Achillain
Marine Armour - Posted by Achillain
Strenner Class Light Armor Research - Posted by Delsana

Xiang Class Starship - Posted by Vex Xiang
Discovery-Class Deep Space Explorer - Posted by Will_Andrews
Dynasty Class Patrol Cruiser - Posted by Achillain

Support Ships:
Marine Squadron Personalized Superior Air Strike Craft - Posted by Delsana
Karskin Class Marine Assault Craft - Posted by Achillain
Arrowhead Class Light Fighter - Posted by mullins
Vanguard Heavy Fighter/Bomber - Posted by FSF Macleod

Space-borne utilities:
Portable/Totable/Warpable Starbase - Posted by Chumbawamba

Telokians - Posted by Selar

Type 2 Holo-suit - Posted by Achillain

24th Century James Bond Gadgets
Transporter Prison
Marine Battlefield mapping systems
Ship ideas
Bio Ablative Armour
Propulsion Systems
Propulsion Systems 2
Holographic Masking System
Disabling Weapons
Gravity Drive
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