Type 2 Holo-suit

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Type 2 Holo-suit

Postby achillain » Mon Aug 16, 2010 3:39 pm

Developed by the Inseeda 3 Research Outpost, Starfleet Intelligence Special Weapons Research Division.

The Holo-suit was devised as a stealth and disguise system to help operatives be able to infiltrate with ease and also have a method of Information gathering and storage that is not overt, such as a tricorder or data PADD.

The system comprises of four parts, an interface system, a sensor system, a replicator system and the holographic system.
The holo-suit, when de-activated, looks like a spongy black body suit. When worn, the suit is a tight fitting jump suit. Whilst de-activated, the suit slightly impedes movement, due to the various layers of the suit not being powered. However, when the suit is activated, the user can move freely with full range of motion. The various layers of the suit are compound gels that contain micro-circuitry.

The first and innermost layer is the interface layer. The gel layer of the interface system feels sticky to the touch and it is made of skin-responsive and neural interfacing circuitry. The layer gives tactile-feedback, meaning that the user can still feel things through the suit as though they were touching the object themselves. The interface layer also monitors body movements and interprets them into commands for the suits system. There is also a section of the interface system incorporates technologies used in the Universal Translator. The movements of the user themselves are not full commands, the UT system monitors brainwave patters as the user makes the command gestures and then adds the two parts of the commands together to make a full command. This also means that the system is highly adaptive and can be used by a highly trained user without physical movement to operate.

The second layer is a neural-gel layer and sensor suite. It scans the surroundings and stores information gathered by the user. It is also able to interact with standard federation and Starfleet equipment, allowing the user to download information from computer systems directly to the memory banks of the suit. This also has another, more subtle use. As the system is pretty much constantly scanning information at the wearer’s request, it is able to scan people and add them to the systems memory banks, allowing the wearer to disguise themselves as a pre-scanned person.

The outermost layer is a Holographic projection and Replication system. This system is based in the holodeck technologies used on-board federation ships and bases. Most of the time, it is just the Replication systems that are used by the suit as they only use power when activated for Replicating and De-Replicating items. The Holographic projection system is used to cover anything that the replication system is not able to do. It includes appearances and other non-visual aspects of the disguise.

The system is highly adaptive. It is able to replicate practically anything that the user requires, as long as there is enough material within the vicinity of the user to be transformed into the required object(s). Unlike other replicator systems, which use a supply line of sub-state materials for the replicator to use, the Holo-suit takes raw materials from the area around the user, soil, air, anything that is usable and near the user.

The most adaptive aspect of the holo-suit is its offensive and defensive capabilities. When the user is attacked, the Holo-suit can create the necessary defences to protect the user, either by replicating defensive materials, by forming force fields or by utilising synthesised inertial abortion systems to absorb or deflect the attack. When on the offensive, the system can replicate any known weapon, or create weapons on-the-fly during combat. The system can create a metal block to stop a bullet one second, and then replicate a knife in the users hand the next.

The system has been classified as still under development and testing, but it is believed that the Holo-suits are currently under use by several Federation Marine units and Starfleet Intelligence departments.
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