Torchwood Special handgun

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Torchwood Special handgun

Postby Ramsay » Wed Nov 04, 2009 8:40 pm

Developed too meet a special mission needs unique too The Torchwood institute this weapon is roughly twelve years beyond state of the art in firearms. and still on the consept weapons development list in 2009.

Torchwood Custom multi mission weapon. TCMW Mark X

Immune too the Effects of Cordaline firearm jamming field, utilizing Electrically fired case-less Rounds with out any moving parts at all this side arm utilized the Metal storm operating principals, and is in fact a development of the O'dwyer VLE ( Variable Lethality Law enforcement pistol) consept.

Roughly the size of Desert Eagle it is large but holds approximately 48 rounds inside of four preloaded barrels ( 12 rounds per barrel) each featuring a built in Sound suppressor offering unmatched ammo capasity. The weapon also includes a built in Holographic Reflex sight derived from a Eotech HWS.

normal Mission configuration is
Barrels one and three
Primary Fire lethal rounds are 4.6mm Rounds derived from the 4.6x30mmHK ammo used by the Hk MP7A1 normally Solid Hollow Point although jacketed steel core projectile and Full Metal Jacket projectiles are also available and do not require Steel jacketing too fire inside the Cordaline emitters field.
barrels two and four
Secondary Fire is tranquilizer rounds the Rounds are a essentially a miniaturized stabilized discarding sabot dart projecting enough antithetic too disable a target for a period of one hour.

Alternative ammunition types

-GPS tracker tags ( four Round )

-rubber bullets

-blank ammunition.

-Explosive tip 44 magnum. ( Six rounds)

- selected specialized hypodermic rounds.

- Expanding Foam rounds.

-Ring airfoil projectile

-Flare ( single Shot)

-.410 bore shot shells ( single shot)
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