Tokyo Jupiter

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Tokyo Jupiter

Postby Ramsay » Sat May 17, 2008 4:44 pm

Tokyo Jupiter is a fictional Location. It Came from an In joke I was doing in my star trek Sim. the name comes from the Animated Japanese Drama Romance Science fiction Mech Rah Xephon. in that Form it was the City of Tokyo Walled off by a Force field made of Time. In the Form I use Tokyo Jupiter is an Artificial Structure built inside a space station a successor to the Prince of Dubai's water front projects.

Original Concept Project: Jupiter II
The Jupiter two Project was originally proposed to Starfleet as A Replacement for the current Space Dock type ( like Star base Earth ) with an even more capable larger unit that could dock multiple ships at one Time. Starfleet found the concept impressive but also highly costly. a cost evaluation commission determined that the recourse pressure placed on the fleet at that time would have been prohibitive. however undeterred the Concept designer continued to look into way of cutting cost of allowing civilian investment into his project. he was in luck. He found an Land Development cooperation based in Tokyo Japan on Earth who upon seeing the specifications had the most fascinating Idea. Tokyo. An exact one to one scale recreation of a Major portion the City in the year 2013. upon hearing of the Plan a large number of Human Private industry groups jumped in to help with contracts forming the Tokyo-Jovian Investment group. the Federation Space planing Board approved plans and the Federation also authorised Grants of Resources for Starfleet to add to the Structure. Starfleet requested

Concept: Advanced Prototype Space station/ Artificial City scape.
Location: Jupiter orbit between Callisto and Ganymede.
Construction began 2340

" the most Impressive feat of residential land Development since the Dubai water front projects of the Twenty first century!"

The Project was Bold, Grand and Incredible. they wanted to recreate a Large portion Of the City of Tokyo (the Special Wards of Tokyo) At that time in 2013 It was still the Most populated City on Earth a recreation of the city would have over 8,500,000 inside a Space station! and an Area of over 621.81 km. the Area Recreated was Selected to be recreated was the Special Wards, "metropolitan prefecture" or 23 Wards ( Adachi, Arakawa, Bunkyō, Chiyoda, Chūō, Edogawa, Itabashi, Katsushika, Kita, Kōtō, Meguro, Minato, Nakano, Nerima, Ōta, Setagaya, Shibuya, Shinagawa, Shinjuku, Suginami, Sumida ,Taitō and Toshima wards) the only alterations were made to the Ota ward where the Haneda Airport location was converted in to a Starfleet garrison, equipped with landing and service pads as well as room for two brigades. and Tokyo Bay was now a fresh water bay.

In order to Create the plant growth and advanced city planing a Variation of Genesis Technology was applied creating a regenerate echo system that was then built upon this echo system was then enhanced by Application of state of the art gravity control, Environmental Heating Air conditioning, Water Management, Irrigation and air filtration was built in to the system.

Externally the Station has docking facilities for 30 starships and a Dry dock that can service 14 Galaxy class starships at once. Power and station systems are operated by Starfleet Corps of engineers and Civilian Specialist. construction took over 20 years, and furbishing of the city took another 10. the station was open for business on time and over budget.

Offencive Capabilities: N/A civilian space station

Defencive: Unmanned weapon stations. limited Shields, Escape pods,

Transportation: Monorails Subway system for internal use along with hover cars, External includes multiple Transporter hubs, 40+ Runabouts ( one of the Prime contractors has a Factory on board that holds Starfleet shuttle craft contracts) Docking points.

power supply: TJ Type Field induction fusion power plants.
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