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Postby FSF Lensman » Mon Aug 11, 2008 10:57 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, I really like where this is going! I like the MARVELOUS graphic by Gabe...vaguely resembles Iron Man, doesn't it?
If the thing gets too heavy, give it its own muscles...powered armor.
I definitely agree with staying away from built-in replicators and/or transporters...for reasons of power consumption and storing the basic matter you replicate from.
As for personal weapons... I favor an over/under gaussrifle/phaser combination weapon. Phasers are great, but the visible beam can be a SERIOUS drawback, as it points directly at the shooter!
Sidearms...Why do we never see any sights on phaser pistols?
Integrated sensors in helmet...periscope, perhaps? Definitely a field medical kit, probably a fairly low-tech sort.
And very definitely a good sharp blade...possibly with a monomolecular edge.
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