FSF Research and Development Guild Guidelines

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FSF Research and Development Guild Guidelines

Postby ThomasAmes » Sat Jan 17, 2004 10:37 pm

Welcome to the message board dedicated to the members of the FSF Research and Development Guild!

Purpose: The purpose of this Guild is to encourage each FSF member to go beyond canon Star Trek and use their intuition to come up with viable theories, designs, and equipment that can be successfully integrated in to advanced sims.

Methods: The members of the Research and Development Guild primarily use the message board for communication between group members. If a particular member has an idea to explore, then they should post their idea in an individual thread that details what sort of theory, design, or equipment that they would like to create. Then, the interested associates of the Guild go through canon Star Trek (episodes, movies, books) and finds information pertaining to the research of the idea. If there is enough past information, then the interested associates work together through the message board thread to converse on "filling-in-the-holes" to be able to create a viable subject. Once they believe that the research is complete and fits with canon Star Trek, then their report is published for peer review. After a consensus is taken on the report and changes are needed, then the report must be republished and withstand more peer review. In the case that the report is accepted by the members and Director of the Guild, then it is published in the Guides and Information area of the FSF website.

Message Board Guidelines: Only members of the FSF Research and Development Guild are able to post new topics to the message board. Non-members are able to post to the Guild's message board only in reply to current topics. This is in hope that it will encourage interested members to join the Guild.

Contact Information: You may contact the Director of the FSF Research and Development Guild, Thomas Ames, by personal e-mail at: IceBlaze41@aol.com . All interested individuals should e-mail him for admission to the Guild.
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Postby FSF Esrom » Sun Aug 10, 2008 3:45 pm

All guidelines are still in affect. However the new contact information is as follows:

AIM - FSF Esrom
E-Mail - fsfesrom@sb254.com
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