6-14-17 Captain Vigo and Cmdr Kikei

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6-14-17 Captain Vigo and Cmdr Kikei

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<CO_CaelanVigo>: ::The captain leaned back into the chair. Feeling much to ponder about but knowing that business of order came first. :: Admiral Star expects us to be underway within 35 hours. With everyone on board now its just a matter of assigning duties, making last calls and receiving orders.
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: ::I nod:: Understood Cpt. I think my shuttle was the last one to arrive. Last thing I heard before leaving Starbase was that we are receiving some supplies and then we can go our merry way. Shouldn't take to long.
<CO_CaelanVigo>: I don't believe. I think that should give you plenty of time to set up your command codes and granting you your proper clearances.
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: Indeed Cpt. As I have officially transfered, my information should be in the crew manifest any time now, then I will set up my codes and yeah, we go from there.
<CO_CaelanVigo>: ::He nods:: I am sure our personnel files do not quite fill in the picture, if you would like I could host a simple luncheon tomorrow. But the last thing I added on that padd for you is our first assignment.
<CO_CaelanVigo>: We are to engage our cloak and surveillance mode our colony on Delanus-Six.
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: ::I activate the padd and give it a glance:: Alright Cpt, I see it here, will read it through the details after this meeting. A luncheon sounds good, might give the crew a little taste on how the wind will be blowing when I am on duty. ::I chuckle::
<CO_CaelanVigo>: ::He simply nods again::
<CO_CaelanVigo>: I am certain the doctor will acquire a scheduled time to meet her in sickbay. Be weary of her, her reputation according to Jellicos logs can cause more trouble than warranted.
<CO_CaelanVigo>: Do check in with that.
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: ::I chuckle again:: Oh yeah, there is that. She'll have a hard time hunting me down.
<CO_CaelanVigo>: Do not say there was not a warning. ::Vigo smiles slightly.::
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: No worries Cpt, she'll get her chance in catching me, if I allow it.
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: Well Cpt, if this would be everything. I would like to go and check on how far the supplies are transported up here and would get my personal items in their new designated spots.
<CO_CaelanVigo>: Do you perhaps have any questions for me Commander?
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: ::I shake my head:: Not at the moment Cpt. but I am certain, I will have some soon.
<CO_CaelanVigo>: Very well.
<CO_CaelanVigo>: :: Caelan stands to offer and offers a polite smile guesture:: The commander, you are dismissed.
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: ::I stand up too and extend my hand to embrace the hand shake.:: Thank you Cpt. and btw, a nice ship you got here.
<CO_CaelanVigo>: :: He reaches and shakes the commanders hand:: Thank you commander. She has taken a hit, any ship losing its captain is hard. But she certainly a ship that is going in the history books.
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: ::I answer the shake:: Indeed Cpt, she will warm up to you and then she will serve you wll.
<CO_CaelanVigo>: Serve us commander. ::He adds thoughtfully::
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: Now, that's a thought I can get used to. Yes, Cpt, she'll serve us well.
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