7-24-17 EPISODE: "You the Spy" 16.0

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7-24-17 EPISODE: "You the Spy" 16.0

Postby FSF Selkie » Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:09 pm

<[CO]CaelanVigo>: ::AA::
<EnsBobbyFarrell>: ::AA::
<JazzaTamzen>: ::AA::
<LeniEraan>: ::AA::
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Welcome everyone, and welcome to the new/returned faces. A lot has been going on since we last played.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: So while I prepare the brief please everyone feel free to exchange a hello.
<LeniEraan>: Hello!
<JazzaTamzen>: Hello
<Larzhern>: Hello
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: What are you guys,... Adele lol
<CSCINerysKianna>: Hey
<BobbyFarrell>: Hi
<CSCINerysKianna>: that's
<CSCINerysKianna>: Hello from the other side
<BobbyFarrell>: Been a bit rusty, the room would not let me in
<JazzaTamzen>: Hello..... Is it me you're looking for? ?Lionel Ritchie?
<CSCINerysKianna>: yes, that's him
<LeniEraan>: Ha ha Jazza!
<Larzhern>: Oh there's someone I know...hello Nerys
<LeniEraan>: Creepiest video ever.
<CSCINerysKianna>: hehe, hey bro
<JazzaTamzen>: Yea, He's kinda stalker-y in that video.
<CSCINerysKianna>: I hate stalkers
<LeniEraan>: Yeah stalkers are no bueno.
<CSCINerysKianna>: indeed
<CMO_Kii>: yo
<CSCINerysKianna>: unless it's a book stalker, on the look our for new books
<CSCINerysKianna>: who am I kiddin, that's me, harharhar
<Larzhern>: hmmm boooks
<LeniEraan>: That's me too Nerys. I don't know why I keep buying more. I have too many I haven't read yet.
<JazzaTamzen>: Hey, odd ball question for everyone, if I may....?
<LeniEraan>: I used to live beside a used book store. I have boxes and boxes in storage.
<CSCINerysKianna>: Yeah, you should see my bookshelf
<LeniEraan>: Go for it.
<GAMEACTION>: =/\= STARDATE: 55819.05
<GAMEACTION>: =/\= Thursday April 19th 2379 11:16 AM
<JazzaTamzen>: If you were to buy a photograph to have framed & matted to hang on your wall, generically, what would it be of?
<GAMEACTION>: Captain's log, supplemental. Its been over a week since our last encounter with what we discovered to be a modified Romulan torpedo that destroyed the outpost. Fortunetly we had been able to confirm that the colonists were being held hostage on-board the Romulan ship Valex. We've been en-route in pursue of the ship and we're upcoming on them.
<GAMEACTION>: =/\= We begin tonight having already been repaired and underway from Starbase 3041-A. We are closing in on the enemy from high warp.
<GAMEACTION>: Questions or Comments?
<BobbyFarrell>: Can someone bring Bobby and me up to speed? We're a bit lost. First night back/
<LeniEraan>: Kii got me pregnant. Ha ha.
CMO_Kii stares at Leni
<CMO_Kii>: No Leni...you had all that fun on your own....
<Larzhern>: Very interesting brief there Captain...
<LeniEraan>: Winks at Kii
<JazzaTamzen>: I was there! I saw it!
<LeniEraan>: See. I have a witness.
<CSCINerysKianna>: Oh kids, it takes 2 to tango, lol
<GAMEACTION>: We were investigating a colony and it got attacked. Is the short... you'll have to check out the logs: viewforum.php?f=1021
<JazzaTamzen>: And a third to video! *wink*
<GAMEACTION>: Everyone at there stations....
<CSCINerysKianna>: ::Leaning over my science station and preform my routine diagnostic scan to see if my station is working within the required parameters.::
<CSCINerysKianna>: : ::Leaning over my science station and preform my routine diagnostic scan to see if my station is working within the required parameters.::
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: ::Captain Vigo is sitting with a padd, looking at the list of crew that is being held hostage. Why would they take these people if they didnt plan to take the weapons? He thought::
<CMO_Kii>: ::takes a sip of tea and catches up on some back reading of Leni's charts::
<JazzaTamzen>: ::taps at the main engineering console:: All systems show nominal, Captain.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: :: Looking up:: Ms Leni, whats our ETA on the Romulan ship?
<LeniEraan>: :its at her station, glad to be back to work, but worried about her crewmates.
<LeniEraan>: ::glances to her Vigo:: we are about 22 minutes behind them sir.
<CMO_Kii>: ::takes a sip of Earl Grey and puts down the charts::
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: :: He nods:: Alright then, Red Alert, shields up
<CSCINerysKianna>: ::Reading the incoming results of my system check and find, that I have to make minor adjustments. I do so and run another system check.::
<TAC_Jones>: Shields up captain
<GAMEACTION>: =/\= The Romulan ship continues on a full impulse course. Unknown of the Onimarus swift headings for them
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Nerys, :: He looks over to his forward left.:: Have we been able to operate the cloak drive while in a tactical assault mode?
<BobbyFarrell>: AMO>: Putters around Sickbay getting ready for any flood of patients!
<TAC_Jones>: :: Jones works and makes sure all the phasers are fully charged and that all launchers are primed::
<JazzaTamzen>: No, the cloak takes up too much power. We can cloak, but we'd need to drop to as soon as we fire.
<CSCINerysKianna>: We have used it before but not in tactical assault mode.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: :: He thinks:: I wouldnt want to play our entire hand all at once. But lets keep the cloak ready as a curve ball in play.
<CSCINerysKianna>: I concur with Jazza, that we will have to drop it when we need to fire.
<JazzaTamzen>: So disarm the cloak, Captain? Go in fully visual?
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: :: Looking ahead:: Leni I expect some very impressive maneuvers to try and avoid a heavy hit from their disrupters
<JazzaTamzen>: Might be fun to confuse the heck out of them by cloaking real quick & then popping up behind them.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: :: Nods to Jazza ::
<CSCINerysKianna>: ::I giggle from my station::
<CMO_Kii>: ::Steps out of her office and calmly takes a sip of tea, watching her amo:: AMO> Relax. It'll all be fine.
<JazzaTamzen>: ::taps a few buttons on my console:: Cloak is on hot standby.
<LeniEraan>: I wish I could see their faces if we took them by surprise!!
<TAC_Jones>: I will make sure to time phaser fire to time into when we drop in cloak
<JazzaTamzen>: Cloaking when they get hit by a torpedo might be a good time, too.
<CSCINerysKianna>: Oh, just let your imagination run when we come up behind them.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: TAC> Make sure we target their engines first. We dont want them to try and run.
<LeniEraan>: ::Looks at Nerys and laughs:: I might not be able to control this ship if I do that. I'll be laughing too hard.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Commander, while we have them occupied and their shields down. Locate all the colonists and beam them into sickbay, let the doctor know.
<CSCINerysKianna>: ::I look over to Leni:: OK, I will imagine for both of us then. ::I giggle::
<LeniEraan>: ::laughs with Nerys:: Thanks, you're a real pal.
<CSCINerysKianna>: Very welcome
<BobbyFarrell>: AENG> Checks and fixes a slight pressure malfunction in the Starboard engine.
<GAMEACTION>: =/\= OPCON dashboard alert: They have arrived
<TAC_Jones>: Weapons and shields primed captain.
<LeniEraan>: Shall I open hailing frequencies Captain?
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: We shall see if they play nice. Hail them
<GAMEACTION>: =/\= No response from hails
<CMO_Kii>: ::Takes a sip of tea and sits down on a biobed waiting for patients::
<LeniEraan>: Doesn't look like they are ready to talk to us
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Open a channel none the less.
<LeniEraan>: Channel open Sir
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: The is captain Caelan Vigo of the USS Onimaru. You are hereby decreed in an act of war by the kidnapping and destruction of outpost -
<GAMEACTION>: =/\= The shields take a fizz hit as the Romulan ship fired. (Shields held)
<TAC_Jones>: They just shot us! Shields holding.....
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: :: He reaches a arm out forward, pointing at the viewscreen.:: Engage those bastards.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Leni evasive pattern Epsilon 3, lets keep our dancing feet moving
<TAC_Jones>: Using manual to target engines for safe disruption.
<GAMEACTION>: =/\= A message to SICKBAY comes through of the plan to beam directly the hostages to holodeck 1 which should be set up as medical triage.
<LeniEraan>: :ilots the ship around the Romulans:: I won't even give them a chance to target us!
<CMO_Kii>: ::Hears the message and nods. Grabs a medical kit and motions for two amo's to follow her to holodeck 1::
<BobbyFarrell>: AMO>: =/\= we'll be ready
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Are we able to scan the ship for where our people are? :: He asks aloud::
<LizzieFarrell>: AMO>: =/\= we'll be ready
<LeniEraan>: I'm not detecting their communicators sir.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Nerys, how long after their shields drop do you need to locate them?
<TAC_Jones>: They are coming about captain!
<CSCINerysKianna>: If they are not shielded or have bio dampeners around, no longer than 30 seconds
<XOLarzHern>: ::Scratches head in thought::
<GAMEACTION>: =/\= The Romulan ship manages to flank and come along port side, firing a slue of disrupter firepower
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Draw shield power to port side!
<GAMEACTION>: =/\= The ship rumbles and a few sparks fly
<JazzaTamzen>: ::makes sure ship's power systems hare up to par for the power shift::
<TAC_Jones>: Shields at 92 percent
<JazzaTamzen>: We're still stable for power, Captain.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Lets get those shields down
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Commander are you preped to beam out at a moments notice?
<LeniEraan>: ::Turns and looks a Vigo, slightly astonished::
<TAC_Jones>: Prepares for a volly of torpedoes and phaser rapid fire.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: :: Raises an arm to Jones:: Fire
<CSCINerysKianna>: ::Getting ready for the bioscan and to reroute the data to the Cmdr so he can fulfill the Cpt's orders to beam them out.::
<XOLarzHern>: yes Sir
<GAMEACTION>: =/\= The torpedoes slide alongside the contoured shielding causing a systematic disruption as the phaser fire act like a batering ram punching a hole in the port side shields
<TAC_Jones>: Ive got a window, port side shields failing and down!
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Nerys, Larz now.
<CSCINerysKianna>: ::Tapping my console and scanning for bio signature......:: I got them, sending info's to your station NOW, Cmdr.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Jazza, as soon as we have them engage the cloak.
<CSCINerysKianna>: ::Transmitting the data>::
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Leni, as soon as the cloak is up get us out of here.
<JazzaTamzen>: You got it!
<LeniEraan>: Yes sir!
<XOLarzHern>: :beams the hostages aboard:
<GAMEACTION>: =/\= The Romulan ship begins to slowly inch away but the shields are still down
<JazzaTamzen>: Engaging cloak.... :resses two buttons::
<LeniEraan>: ::warps the heck outta here::
<GAMEACTION>: =/\= The hostages are all beamed into holodeck 1
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: (( lol not just 'goes into warp' but we 'warps the heck outta here' love it lol ))
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Status ?
<TAC_Jones>: The Romulan ship looks like they dont know where we went. They are firing in an arch.... I guess trying to hit us.
<JazzaTamzen>: Cloak is operating nominally. There's no way they can see us.
<LeniEraan>: ((Leni doesn't do anything that isn't dramatic))
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Leni, lets put some distance between them and us. Make our way to the nearest defense station to drop these people off. But dont rush. I want to know who we just risked our necks for.
<LizzieFarrell>: :AMO:> The Sickbay is in readiness! =/\= Showtime!
<XOLarzHern>: The Romulans look lost Sir :chuckles:
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: (( Drinks the heck outta her rockaticno lol ))
<CSCINerysKianna>: ((It's Raktajino, FACEPALM))
<LeniEraan>: :miles at the Captain:: Yes sir
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: :: Looks to the XO :: Lets wait to head down to the holodeck. Let the medical team do what they need to. But have security posted. I dont want them wandering about.
<XOLarzHern>: Yes Sir
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: ::AA::
<TAC_Jones>: ::aa::
<LeniEraan>: ::AA::
<CSCINerysKianna>: ::AA::
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Well done everyone. A bit fast paced tonight as battles are usually.
<JazzaTamzen>: ::AA::
<CSCINerysKianna>: ty
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Welcome to the new player Mr Larz. I hope we didnt scare you
<JazzaTamzen>: I thinkit went well.
<CSCINerysKianna>: hey Jazza the oddball send you a pm
<XOLarzHern>: That was fun
<JazzaTamzen>: I sent myself a PM??
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Welcome back Lizze, I hope we can get you ship shape by next week
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: lmao
<CSCINerysKianna>: no, I send you
<CSCINerysKianna>: lol
<XOLarzHern>: Desspite my tech issues hehe
<LeniEraan>: Welcome Larz!!
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Leni.... remember the days you were 'new'
<XOLarzHern>: Thank you Leni
<CSCINerysKianna>: yeah bro, welcome, hahahaha
<JazzaTamzen>: Oh! How do I see those?
<LeniEraan>: That was 6 months ago!! Crazy!!!
<CSCINerysKianna>: there should be another lil window in grey
<CSCINerysKianna>: beside the onimaru chat window
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Questions or Comments?
<CSCINerysKianna>: Nopedy nope
<LizzieFarrell>: Thanks! Bobby was here too. We were a bit rusty
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Top of the page, where is says Chat by Mibbit.com
<LizzieFarrell>: The room maklfunctioned and I couldn't get om
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: the Blue tabs are public... the grey are PMs
<CSCINerysKianna>: yeah, I suck in explaining stuff
<XOLarzHern>: I am slowly learning somme action symbols like :: and ++
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Larz we will chat
<LeniEraan>: Pshhh I still get those wrong!
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Thank you everyone as always
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Alright, your all dismissed.
<CSCINerysKianna>: Lol, and we haven't exterminated you yet, the Cyberman aren't what they are used to be
<LeniEraan>: Hey I'm on vacation starting Wednesday. If my hotel has wifi, I'll be here next week. If not, I'll miss y'all while I'm drinking wine on the beach. Ha ha
<CSCINerysKianna>: Or was it the Dalek's? hahahaha
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