6-26-17 EPISODE: "Live and Let Die" 15.1

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6-26-17 EPISODE: "Live and Let Die" 15.1

Postby FSF Selkie » Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:01 pm

<[CO]CaelanVigo>: ATTENTION =/\=
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: ::AA::
<CSCILtNerysKianna>: ::AA::
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: ::AA::
<AOPCON_Tsil>: ::AA::
<Cmd_Sayre>: ::
<Cmd_Sayre>: ::AA::
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<LeniEraan>: ::AA::
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: hows everyone doing
<AOPCON_Tsil>: I can't decide on a color. This orange looks like red. Otherwise, doing well.
<fsf_ignatius>: why not yellow
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: That orange isnt bad
<AOPCON_Tsil>: I liked the teal, but I don't think anyone else did. Ha ha. And I almost can't see the yellow. My old eyes are terrible.
<CSCILtNerysKianna>: Yellow is out of the question
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Stand by for the brief
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: =/\= STARDATE: 55801.84
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: =/\= Thursday April 12th 2379 3:01PM
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<[CO]CaelanVigo>: =/\= SHIP STATUS: Blue Alert -Under Cloak-
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Last time on Onimaru:
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: The ship moved into position above a Romulan ship orbiting the weapons colony.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: The Away Team of three Hazard Team members and XO are beaming down to investigate whats happening. They have under 40 mins to get in and out.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Questions or Comments? PM me...
<CMO_Kii>: RH
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Kii
<CMO_Kii>: Who is on the hazard team and what is the tbs?
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Time Between Sims: 3 minuets. The Onimaru was moved into position from last week to this point.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Hazard Team officers are all played by LtSummers
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: We begin with away team beaming down
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: BEGIN SIM
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: BEGIN SIM
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: BEGIN SIM
<CMO_Kii>: ::Checks on the status of Leni, who should be waking up soon::
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: :: Vigo is sitting on the bridge, awaiting the signal that AT made it down undetected.::
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: =/\= The colony planet is similar to the dense forests areas of Earth, the away team beams into a thick brush area just outside of the main complex.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: (( Away Team please use @ thank you ))
<LtSummers>: @ ::Beams down with the others:: Alright scan and form up a zone.
<LeniEraan>: :pens her eyes and looks around groggily:: Kii?
<[CNS]NathanMathews>: For the meantime I dont think we can do much on this end captain?
<CSCILtNerysKianna>: ::Checking my console and run a system and performance scan on it::
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Nothing yet beyond be at the moments ready.
<CMO_Kii>: ::looks at Leni and whispers:: You're not in Kansas anymore, Leni...
<LeniEraan>: Is that you Auntie Em? ::laughs weakly::
<CMO_Kii>: ::chuckles and hands her a bottle of vitamin water:: How are you feeling?
<LtSummers>: @ :: Summers signals the Onimaru they are good.:: XO> Commander should we move closer or get visuals on any Romulans on the planet?
<LeniEraan>: ::takes a drink of water:: much better, thank you.
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: I would advise against it, but in that situation I say, go for it.
<CMO_Kii>: ::nods:: Good. You had a bit of a reaction to the prenatal vitamins we had been supplying. We'll be taking you off of those. You'll need to get some excersise. I recommend daily workouts via the holodeck. And...you should be talking to our ships coinciller
<LtSummers>: @ Wyatt, Cohen head over the embankment and get a all clear. Commander you and I will get scans of the nearby buildings.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: ATAC> Away team checks in, they are clear captain
<LeniEraan>: :ighs heavily:: why the counselor Doc?
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: :: Nods to the officer ::
<LtSummers>: @ :: Wyatt and Cohen head out, keeping eyes and tricorders out and about. ::
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: ::Keeping my eyes on the view screen as we move closer to the planet::
<AOPCON_Tsil>: ::monitors position of the Romulan ship, making sure we stay at exactly the right distance::
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: How are we doing T'Sil?
<[CNS]NathanMathews>: :: He is glad to hear everything is so far in their control ::
<AOPCON_Tsil>: ::glances at Vigo:: Holding a good position sir
<LtSummers>: @ :: Summers scans the building. :: No bio-signatures in that building. Strange, there should be.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Good, every moment we go undetected is another moment for the away team.
<AOPCON_Tsil>: quite true sir
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: @ Check your equipment and scan again, if that doesn't work, use a different setting. Also look for anything unusual like a high power source reading at one spot. They might be cloaked, you never know.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: :: Thinking of Leni:: Counselor, how is Eraan doing?
<CMO_Kii>: Because you're getting big and we all know how stressful a changing body can be... :mirks:: Seriously, once a week. Minimum.
<[CNS]NathanMathews>: Shes tough captain. Perhaps back to work in a couple days. Nothing to be to scared over.
<LeniEraan>: ::narrows her eyes:: You're the boss.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: =/\= When they rescan only a few Romulan signs pop up, patrolling the building
<CMO_Kii>: ::chuckles:: So you'll be released as soon as you want. Crew Quarters for the weekend. Back to limited duty next week. No more than 4 hour shifts. Any questions?
<LtSummers>: @ Commander, Romulan life signs. 4
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: @ Location?
<LeniEraan>: If you don't mind Doc, I'd like to head back to my quarters. No offense, but I've had enough of Sick Bay
<LtSummers>: @ West wall, they are patrolling the building here.
<CMO_Kii>: :miles:: Go ahead. Get some rest and some good food.
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: @ Dang, that's exactly where we have to be. ::I point at two of the team:: You and you, you go and find an opening in their patrol route, this will be our chance
<LtSummers>: @ :: Wyatt and Cohen nod and move::
<LeniEraan>: Thank you Kii, you really are the best. Any diet restrictions? Please say no.
<CMO_Kii>: ::Looks at her:: Yes...only Klingon for the next month!
<LeniEraan>: :tarts to gag:: Don't do that to me!!
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: @ Lt Summer, keep an eye on their life signs, just in case.
<CMO_Kii>: ::chuckles:: Nah...you'll be fine...no super spicy food...just the standard. Try some Bajoran...
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: =/\= About 10 mins until the Romulan ship will detect the Onimaru
<LtSummers>: @ :oints:: There Wyatt and Cohen made a distraction, the guards are moving out....
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: ::Looks down as the requested department reports come in::
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: @ ::Tapping my combadge:: Cmdr Kikei to Onimaru, how long til we're visible?::
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: T'Sil?
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: AOPCON> About 10 minuets captain
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: +@XO+ Commander, youve got under 10 minuets
<CSCILtNerysKianna>: ::Reading the incoming data from my scans and see everything is in top working condition as it should be.::
<[CNS]NathanMathews>: So all the workers and people are down there?
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: @ Thank you Onimaru. Cmdr Kikei out. ::I look over to Lt Summers.:: Let's get in, we gotta do this quick before the bad guys appear. Did our scout group find something out already? If not, we have to risk it.
<LtSummers>: @ That building house's hundred of quantum torpedoes. If anything is going on, we will see with our own eyes as my tricorder isnt picking anything up sir
<CMO_Kii>: ::Enters her office and takes a sip of tea and smiles knowing Leni is all right::
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Yes, they should have encountered the colonists and the civilians down there?
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Nerys... nothing came up on their scans of the colonists?
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: AOPCON> Captain we've got less than 5 mins to move out or they will discover us.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: :: Stands quickly:: We cant leave the away team at high risk down there
<CSCILtNerysKianna>: That's weird Cpt. I detect life signs in that one bulding they are close to and.......................................hang on, there's something else...........................
<[CNS]NathanMathews>: We cant exactly just pop up around them either, we have to leave them and return.
<LeniEraan>: ::heads back to her quarters, thinking about the events of the last few days:: Maybe seeing the counselor isn't a bad idea...especially since you're talking to yourself now...
<LtSummers>: @ ::looks at time:: Commander we're running out of time.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: What is it Nerys? :: He walks over::
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: @ Yes, let's go in.
<AOPCON_Tsil>: 3 minutes sir
<CSCILtNerysKianna>: You got to see this Cpt. Those power readings are way above the charts and I pick up seismological activity.
<LtSummers>: @ ::Rushes in and sees nothing. Bloody clothes and signs of a battle::
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Above the charts? How much above the charts is this causing?
<CSCILtNerysKianna>: @ Be careful. Set your phasers to stun, we split up.
<[CNS]NathanMathews>: Captain, the time, we've got to leave while we are still with the advantage.
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: @ Be careful. Set your phasers to stun, we split up.
<LtSummers>: @ :: Nods::
<LeniEraan>: CAPTAIN!! Less than one minute til we are detected!!
<CSCILtNerysKianna>: Way above the charts. I've never seen any readings like this before.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Could the ships shields and hull integrity hold in such conditions?
<CSCILtNerysKianna>: Never and I've seen enough. I can make out volcanic activity, which would explain the seismic activity besides earth quake. I would alert the away team, it will get rough for them.
<CSCILtNerysKianna>: Yes, they could. Why?
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: T'Sil... new headings
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: 000 mark 240. :: Walks back and sits::
<LeniEraan>: Course set Captain!
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: +ALL HANDS+ All hands, brace yourselfs. Red Alert
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Engage!
<LeniEraan>: ::Steers ship towards the planet::
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: =/\= Suddenly the swift motion pulls the Onimaru away from the Romulan ship and the dive straight into the storm region.
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: @ :ulling out my phaser and set it to stun as I walk the opposite direction. Suddenly the earth starts shaking and the ceiling is giving in and is breaking down. Yelling:: Lt Summers and the rest of you get out of here now, before the whole building collapses.
<AOPCON_Tsil>: ::arrives at her quarters and is suddenly thrown about by the erratic ship movements::
<CSCILtNerysKianna>: ::Holding on my console and prepare for a very, very rough ride.::
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Nerys, if need be we could drop the cloak and raises shields once under cover,
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: T'Sil, prepare to beam out the away team now
<CSCILtNerysKianna>: It would advise against this at the beginning. I do not know how dense the cover will be. The sensor readings are inconclusive.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: =/\= The ship swirls around, breaking the atmosphere and immediately being engulfed into the horrific weather
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: PAUSE SIM
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: PAUSE SIM
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: PAUSE SIM
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: PAUSE SIM
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: ::AA::
<CMO_Kii>: aa
<LtSummers>: ::aa::
<CmdrPixinLokaxKikei>: ::AA::
<[CNS]NathanMathews>: ::AA::
<CSCILtNerysKianna>: ::AA::
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Alright, nothing like heading into a possible storm trying to hide huh
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Thanks for coming everyone.
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: TBS will be that same moment
<CSCILtNerysKianna>: yw
<[CO]CaelanVigo>: Dismissed
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