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Postby FSF Seraphim » Tue Jan 31, 2017 6:46 pm

Great to see you! Sorry to hear about all the illness though; hopefully feeling much better.
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Re: OOC Discussions

Postby Janice Lacey James » Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:40 pm

Hey Folks,
I am sorry that I have been so lax in my participation. College classes were taking up every minute I could get.. Have I ever said that I really hate Algebra???? It has slowed down in that area a bit. However, being a Red Cross Disaster Services Volunteer has become busy for me. On Sunday I arrived in Mississippi to work in a shelter for people affected by the tornado that hit Hattiesburg on the 21st of January. It has been an interesting adventure thus far and I've had the dubious honor of seeing not one, but two tornadoes from a distance of about 15 miles away, give or take a few miles.
This also means that sadly other areas nearby have been affected and I could get redeployed to one of those areas if the need arises. If that does happen, I may be quite busy again for a little bit. At this moment I am relaxing in my hotel room before I head to the shelter again for the 3 to 11pm shift.
I do want to say that I have enjoyed reading what has been happening on our adventure so far.

Look for more from Amelia and Janelle soon!!
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Re: OOC Discussions

Postby FSF Seraphim » Sat Mar 11, 2017 6:00 pm

Greetings! Wanted to let everyone know I'll be out of town March 12 - 21st on a trip. Feel free to post around my characters as needed.

We'll progress to the next episode soon, depending on the state of character affairs!
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Re: OOC Discussions

Postby The Gnostic » Tue Jul 11, 2017 5:55 pm

Did you know?

That Jerry Goldsmith, the famed musical composer of the TNG theme (actually, the theme for Star Trek 1: TMP), conducted not ONLY five out of ten Star Trek movies before he died (I, V, First Contact, Insurrection and Nemesis), AND the Voyager theme song?

And 150 other Hollywood movies?

This brilliant composer was robbed of an Oscar in the year when The Motion Picture came out, because the film flopped with critics, no one wanted to award the majestic theme, which later became the theme to Star Trek TNG, which I grew up with and loved.

He also did films like Basic Instinct, Mulan, Alien, Freud. He pioneered new instruments, include the Beam Blaster, which used an artillery shell and 15 feet of aluminum chords to make the sound for V'Ger in Star Trek TMP.

I've been downloading all his soundtracks like crazy. And mind you, I know ST: First Contact scene for scene, that movie was my coming-of-age movie -- Mr. Goldsmith did that with his son Joel, and I even see his influences from his original ST masterpiece from the first film. (For example, the theme for the entry of the Defiant during the battle of Sector 001 in First Contact is borrowed from the Klingon march when the two Klingon cruisers try to evade V'ger's blasts, but are obliterated in vain.)

So Mr. Goldsmith only JUST got his Hollywood star on the on the famous walk of fame. Which is surprising, since he's been the brainchild of cinematic scores since Return of the Planet of the Apes in the 1950s. No one else has influenced the genre of film soundtracks more than he. And that First Contact theme, man....

Please enjoy his wiki and some of the soundtrack's he's made for you and I to enjoy. When Jerry Goldsmith died in 2004, he probably shaped the emotions and suspenseful energy on Star Trek, and Hollywood cinema in general, as much as anyone else. If not more. His wikipedia mentions,

Wikipedia wrote:Over the course of his career, Goldsmith received 18 total Academy Award nominations, making him one of the most nominated composers in Academy Awards history. Despite this, Goldsmith won only one Oscar, for his score to the 1976 film The Omen. This makes Goldsmith the most nominated composer to have won an Oscar only on one occasion.


Thank you Jerry, hope to lay a rose on your star one day. :love:
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