Private Lives of JJ and Tamara (Amber)

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Private Lives of JJ and Tamara (Amber)

Postby Mia Cummings » Wed Apr 01, 2015 3:29 pm

Amber had released the last of the patients. Lorne seemed to be doing well. There was little residual damage from his injury or the resulting coma he'd suffered. She still wanted him to take it easy for a bit. But knowing officers, that wasn't likely.

Jan and Lazarus had left sickbay in favor of their quarters. There were no restrictions for her. But she was certain Lazarus could use a rest. Funny how much the rooms here felt so empty... and quiet.. without Lazarus living here. But she was thrilled he'd found the love of his life and they were now happily married and living on their own.

After Amber got the younger children settled down and doing their schoolwork, and Shield happily curled up by Jon's feet, she went to get out of her uniform. It had been a long day and she felt like a balloon. She peeled off her uniform and got into the shower to clean off the stresses of the day. Thank god that stomach virus hadn't bothered her so much this afternoon and evening. She still couldn't figure out where she'd picked it up. And she'd discovered that Jennie was a natural nurse, helping her this morning when she'd had to get up.

She decided to ask JJ if anyone else had presented with similar symptoms. That's what she'd do, after she rested. She didn't bother to put anything on, she just crawled under her covers and went to sleep.
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